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About Us

Stereoimage Studios is an all-rounded creative audio production house. Run by a team of passionate principals who are creative yet technically-knowledgeable, the firm has come to be known for its mindful and meaningful creativity, streamlined and organised management of projects, as well as its technical knowledge of audio requirements related to various platforms and genres.

Projects are led by a close-knit group comprising four principals: Michael Koh (Managing Director), Kenji Zhuang (Director of Audio Services — overseeing foley, sound design and audio post-production), August Lum (Director of Music Services) and Isaac Tong (sound designer, recordist and audio engineer).

Together, the firm has worked on a multitude of projects for over fifteen years in the fields of animation, live-action, theatre, concerts, site-specific projects, theme park attractions, corporate work, education and commercial music releases.

On the creative side, storytelling is very much a principle of its creative process, best exemplified by the musical scores and sound design work for films without dialogue. In the process of doing so, its creatives seek out a distinctive audio identity for every production it works on that complements its visual elements as well as cultural background. Yet this is done very mindfully and meaningful, adding value to the production without being irrelevant.

On the technical side, the firm provides a wide range of audio-related services: recordings (including Automated Dialogue Replacement), editing, mixing in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound. These may be packaged and tailored to a production’s needs, and all logistical and scheduling needs will be overseen.



Apollo Awards 2016

  • The Violin was awarded Best Music Composition (Full Length).

  • Gnome was awarded Best Sound Design (Short Form).

New York Film Festival 2018

Composer August Lum was part of the team from Futuropolis awarded the Silver Medal at the New York Film Festival (under the category of "Climate Change and Sustainability"): http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/winners/2018/pieces.php?iid=525372&pid=1

Many of the productions that we have been involved in have been feted locally and overseas. Here are some of them:

The Violin

The Violin has also been awarded Best 2D animation at the same ceremony, and had since gone on to win many more accolades:

  • The Singapore World International Film Festival 2016: Winner of the Jury Prize for Animation

  • The 17th Digicon6 Asia (Singapore) 2015: Winner of the Gold Award

  • The 22nd Asian Television Awards 2017: awarded Best 2D Animated Programme


Gnome has been officially selected for the following festivals:

  • Aesthetica Short film Festival 2016

  • DC Short Film Festival 2016

Timescapes Anthology

Timescapes has been awarded the following:

  • Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018: Winner of the National Category

  • Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2018: In Competition for Best Animated Feature

  • 23rd Asian Television Awards (2018): Nominee for Best 2D Animated Programme

  • Seoul International Animated Film Festival 2018: In Competition (Feature)

The Girl and the Cat

The Girl and the Cat, from the Timescapes series, has been given the Finalist Certificate (Best Animation) at the New York Festivals (2018).


  • Silver Medal, New York Film Festival (Science and Technology)

  • Nominated for "Best Documentary Series" at the Asian TV Awards 2017.


Anchovies, a short film for which we contributed original music, sound design and final mix, has been feted both locally and overseas. It has received the following accolades:


  • 48th Worldfest Houston International Film Festival: Gold Remi Award for Family / Children Shorts


  • 6th Singapore Short Film Awards: Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction

Official selections

  • Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia 2015

  • International Family Film Festival

Mediacorp Star Awards

Two drama theme songs, whose arrangements were done by us, made it to the shortlist for the “Best Theme Song” category at two different Star Awards (an annual televised ceremony recognising the best of local Mandarin-language television):

  • 啡情歌 Coffee Love Song (theme song for the serial 《96ºC 咖啡》 96ºC Cafe), nominated in 2014

  • 保佑保佑 Blessings (theme song for the serial 《祖先保佑》Blessings Season 1), nominated in 2015

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