Star Formation Group

Current Research Group Members:

Aaron Lee (post-doc), Brandt Gaches, Duo Xu, Colin VanOort, Justin Kang*

Past Research Students:

Yue Liu

Jonah Chaban*

Ryan Boyden* (now astronomy grad student at University of Arizona)

Chris Thibodeau

Joyce Lee*

Chris Bradshaw* (now astronomy grad student at UC Santa Cruz)

Ian Suvack*

Kayla Redmond*

Peter Jumper* (now astronomy grad student at University of Toronto)

Chelsea Harris* (astronomy grad student at UC Berkeley, NSF Grad Fellow),

John Capodilupo* (Co-founder and CTO of WHOOP),

Eve Lee* (PhD in Astronomy UC Berkeley, now Sherman Fairchild Fellow at Caltech)

*=undergrad researcher