Feb: Call opens for machine learning in astronomy submissions in Springer special issue

Feb: Offner gives Astronomy On Tap at the NorthDoor

Feb: Offner named a Cottrell Scholar. UT Austin press-release.

Jan: Gaches & Offner's paper "A Model for Protostellar Cluster Luminosities and the Impact on the CO-H_2 Conversion Factor "accepted to ApJ. Astro-ph


Dec: Xu awarded a Frank N. Edmonds, Jr. Memorial Fellowship in Astronomy

Nov: Xu and Offner's paper "Assessing the Performance of a Machine Learning Algorithm in Identifying Bubbles in Dust Emission" is accepted to ApJ. Astro-ph.

Sept: Offner interviewed for an article in the The Daily Texan on simulating stars.

Sept: Offner & Chaban's paper "Impact of Protostellar Outflows on Turbulence and Star Formation Efficiency in Magnetized Dense Cores" accepted to ApJ. Astro-ph.

Aug: The Star Formation Group has moved! Find us at the University of Texas at Austin

June: Greenbank Ammonia Survey results featured in Science Daily and ANSA. GBT Press Release.

May: Boyden awarded 21st Century Leadership Award

March: Gaches and Xu awarded Mary Daily Irvine travel grant to present at EWASS conference

March: Offner awarded 5-year NSF CAREER grant


Dec: Boyden's paper on "An Exploration of the Statistical Signatures of Stellar Feedback" published in ApJ

Aug: "Turbulent Origin of Outflow and Spin Misalignment" featured in Nova press release

Aug: Offner's paper on "Turbulent Origin of Outflow and Spin Misalignment in Binary Systems" published in ApJ

May: Chaban awarded David J. van Blerkom Research Scholarship

March: Offner profiled in Authorea blog


Nov: Offner presents public talk on binary stars at the American Museum of Natural History

May: Boyden awarded David J. van Blerkom Research Scholarship

Feb: Multiple Stellar System Discovery featured in, Washington Post, Australian Broadcase Corporation, Japan Times, Science World Report

Feb: "Wide Separation Multiple Stellar System" featured in Nature News & Views

Feb: New discovery of "A Wide Separation Multiple Stellar System Caught in Formation" published in Nature. Press release.