My current research interests include a variety of star formation topics. See Research Interests for more details.

  • The role of different physics in star formation (e.g. radiation, magnetic fields)
  • The impact of stellar feedback (outflows, winds) on molecular clouds
  • Astrostatistics (e.g. Turbustat)
  • Machine learning used in image recognition and classification (e.g., Brut and CASI)
  • Astrochemistry and the impact of radiation and cosmic-ray stellar feedback
  • Improving the connection between simulations and observations through synthetic observations

Motivating Questions

  • What sets the masses of stars?
  • What determines whether a star is single or has a companion?
  • What is the role of stellar feedback?
  • What are the chemical and statistical signatures of forming stars?
  • How can we efficiently and accurately automate molecular line and dust emission data analysis?

Students: If you are interested in any of these questions, please contact me!