The Plan

Note: This is a 7 day plan and normally takes 6 to 8 days to see your full results especially for week 1.

ssprengel23plan...Where do I start?

Right Here!!!

Disclaimer: Although the ssprengel23plan fits into the Weight Watchers Beyond The Scale and Smart Points plan...this tweak may not work for everyone.


a starving body does not want to lose weight. A starving body does what it has been conditioned to do since we were hunter gatherers and that is survive by keeping every ounce of nutrition on it that it can...INCLUDING FAT.

A body that is satiated can try to achieve a healthy weight balance and is fine not holding onto unnecessary nutrients....ESPECIALLY FAT.

Weight Watchers:

a plan with Daily, Weekly, and Fit Points that we all use to meet our OPTIMAL POINTS CONSUMPTION needs. Based on our sex, height, weight, age, and activity level we all have our own specific consumption need and that can change for all of us from week to week.

Daily Points:

a minimum level of points our bodies need to stay above a starvation level. Eating below these points consistently leads to a starved body.

Weekly Points:

points included in the plan that most of us should be able to eat and still lose weight. Weekly points allow us to fit points where they are needed in our lives. This is where the AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE flexibility of Weight Watchers makes the plan sustainable for life.

Fit Points:

points we earn by tracking our activity. Weight Watchers keeps 3-5 per day (21-35 per week) the other Fit Points are OPTIONAL to eat.

The 💖💖💖 of the ssprengel23plan:

it is healthy to #eatyourweeklies. It is healthier for you to eat 3 points above your daily points target than 3 points under your daily points target. #nostarvingonww

Working the ssprengel23plan:

⚫DAY 1 Is weigh in day.

🔴Eat all your weekly points each week

🔵Days 1,2,6, and 7 try to eat close to your daily points target (2 to 3 points over or under). Of course if you need a weekly point or 2 to avoid at them on those days...deprivation is never the healthy answer.

🔴Days 3,4, and 5 you eat the majority of your weekly points (of course you may have had some already and are free to save a few for days 6 and 7 if you think you might need them). I do this so I get nice and full mid week. My body is satiated and now is ready to let excess nutrients (especially fat) go.

🔴usually after eating all those weekly points it is easy for me to stay on target days 6 and 7.

⚫flexibility: if you like the idea and want to do the 🔴🔴🔴 days on days 1,2, and 3 (because they are the weekend...feel free to do so...this plan just like WW is not rigid and inflexible)...just be sure #nostarvingonww at the end of the week...need fit points to avoid a the fit points.

#eatmorecrap the philosophy:

🔴eating too much healthy low point easy to process foods make the body bored...your metabolism slows down

🔴the occasional order of French fries or real restaurant pizza gets your body excited to metabolize that stuff...your body has to work harder and the metabolism gets a boost.

DISCLAIMER: #eatmorecrap does not mean eat like 💩💩💩

Eating...or swapping Fit Points:

🔴contrary to what people like to is OK to eat fit points...and you can lose more weight when you do. (I suggest starting with 20 percent of what you earn and adjust from there)

🔴you earn fit points by tracking your activity such as cleaning...and so on.

🔴highly active people earn lots of fit points. It is possible to burn off enough fit points that your body can feel starved and try to hold onto nutrients (that darn fat for 1) the body might need for later. This is a great time to mention that 80 percent of weight loss is based off of what we eat....working out falls into that other 20 percent of weight loss success.

🔴if you eat Fit Points after weekly points...these can be your points to avoid starvation on days 6 and 7 of your week.

2 ways to swap fit points:

🔴before your weekly them as you go and save weekly points for an emergency.

🔴after weekly points. My preferred way because I believe I need to eat my weekly points and then eat a portion of my fit points afterwards.

you can choose to do whatever works best for you...including don't eat them

Fit Points Leftover Target:

If you choose to eat Fit Points you may want a target of available fit points you don't go below. For me during weight loss I earned 140 to 155 pretty consistently (remember Weight Watchers keeps 21 of these) and felt safe to eat enough to be between 90 to 100 Fit Points left at the end of my week.

Optimal Points Consumption:

The optimal amount of daily...weekly...and fit points your body needs per week to lose weight at its fastest and healthiest rate.

When I combined ssprengel23plan #eatmorecrap and #fitpointsleftovertarget I found my OPTIMAL POINTS CONSUMPTION. I was close to getting to my goal weight...a time when many people's weight loss slows down. Over the next 4 weeks I lost 3 pounds or more 3 times and returned to #teamlifetime 🔑🗝🔑🗝🔑🗝.

I share this with you all because it is what worked best for lose weight faster. Other people like @breathing4mel @jonihammond @tra-mama and others have used it to break out of plateaus where they went up 5 pounds and back down 5 pounds over and over.

I understand nothing is one size fits all and there will be people this won't work for...but if you need a change...this might just be what you need.

No matter what I can always ask you to follow the 💖💖💖of the ssprengel23plan and #eatyourweeklies because starving and eating below your points is not healthy and counterproductive to weight loss as well. This is more a journey about our health than our be healthy.

I love you all. Track. Drink Water. Move.

Have a nice day.