Letter to the Spotlight Community

September 8, 2021

Friends of Spotlight Playhouse,

The Spotlight Playhouse Board of Directors has been forced to make a very difficult decision and we regret to inform you that Spotlight Playhouse will suspend operations on October 31, 2021.

A series of events has brought us to this difficult decision. The building we’ve called home for the past five years was sold in March 2021. Despite friendly and encouraging conversations during the first several months, the new owner informed us in July that we had to vacate our current space. They offered us smaller, less suitable space on the unfinished sixth floor of the building, but at significantly higher rent. We quickly rejected this option.

Since then we have searched for new space from Lawrence to Nashua, but have not found anything suitable that we can afford at current market rates. As an aside, we are grateful to our former landlord Marianne Paley Nadel who continued to provide us with below-market rental rates for much of our tenure in the building.

We considered reducing the quantity of props, costumes, set pieces, and lumber in our inventory and moving the remainder into temporary storage while we tried to raise money to move to a new home. Unfortunately, even the cost for temporary storage of sufficient size was too high.

It is no surprise that the effects of the pandemic compounded the problem. Dramatically reduced performance revenue over the past 18 months has depleted our reserves.

Between now and the end of October, we will be looking for volunteers to help clear out the rehearsal and set build space. In addition, we will be reaching out to other theater companies or schools interested in acquiring some of the production assets.

As we enter 2022, the Spotlight Board will re-evaluate our options and decide whether there is a future for Spotlight Playhouse. Please continue to follow our social media channels for updates.

Whether you were on-stage, backstage, in the audience, a sponsor, or just a Facebook friend of Spotlight, thank you for being a part of the Spotlight journey.

If you have any questions, please contact me, president@spotlightplayhouse.org.

With heartfelt gratitude for your support,

Scott Helmers

President, Spotlight Playhouse