What Do Teachers Say About The Spel-Lang Tree?

Teachers who piloted The Spel-Lang Tree: Roots said:

  • The program is easy to use, takes only twenty minutes for children to complete, and is very inexpensive.
  • The children look forward to this daily activity.
  • The children feel successful.
  • The program is very sequential.
  • It's a great vocabulary builder.
  • It is a wonderful source of words for any language lesson.
  • This program provides a key element for children's writing and gives them a basis so they can take risks.
  • Many good activities are suggested.
  • The teacher is given flexibility in the method of presentation.
  • The assessments are great for evaluating printing, spelling, and language arts progress.
  • The assessments provide a wonderful tool for conferencing with parents.
  • The parents see constant improvement in their children's handwriting and spelling.

Teachers who have purchased and are using Roots say:

  • I have used the Spel-Lang Tree program in the first grade for the past year with great success. J.C. — Colorado
  • I am so impressed with this and (with) what my kids are doing . . . I am pushing my kids so much farther and raising their levels of expectation has been so great to see. I really like the program because it goes right along with the testing we have to give the kids through our district. Part of the testing is phonemic awareness and this spelling has helped my kids. B.A. — California
  • I used this program all of last year and part of the year before. I really like it and think the kids are learning valuable lessons. C.C. — Kansas
  • We love it! The children are really turned on to spelling this year. M.G. — Wisconsin
  • My students handwriting improved. They also became aware of phonemes. C.T. — Wisconsin
  • The program is working wonderfully. It does wonders for self-esteem. My little K____ thinks she's playing games when we do the activities. M.H. — Louisiana
  • The fifth grade teacher came into our room the other day after spelling. I still had words on the board . . . She couldn't believe that 1st graders could spell such hard words. J.C. — Nebraska
  • With this program the kids learn sounds to make words. If they can spell them, they can read them — that's the bottom line. We spent forever teaching beginning sounds, sounds in the middle, and ending sounds. NO MORE OF THAT FOR ME!! Plus, the sight words are included AND we have learned about a sentence — naming part / telling part and punctuation. All of this in about 20-25 minutes? S.J. — Kentucky

Teachers who are using Trunks say:

  • . . . wonderful language lessons. We use the activities all the time. The best . . . is the lesson on -le! My young teacher next door to me has commented so often about how valuable this lesson has been. B.B. — Florida
  • I've enjoyed using your Roots and Trunks lessons in my Instructional Skills classroom (grades 3, 4, 5 self-contained LD/EMH) for the last three years. . . . Thanks for the lessons! The direct instruction works great with my students. D.W. — Illinois

Internet Chatboard Comments

  • I like (the) simplicity -- no worksheets to run off. M.C. --- Georgia
  • I have to use ____ _____ but find that Grace's program teaches the same thing but has the kinesthetic benefit of the children writing PLUS has them doing the phonemic awareness and auditory stuff . . . slowly sounding the words out, carefully printing them, then checking for accuracy and, finally, looking for word chunks (rimes) and sorting those out. It is multi-modal and the kids do seem to enjoy it. K.L. -- California