The Spel-Lang Tree: Seeds

The Spel-Lang Tree: Seeds is intended for kindergarten use or as a resource book for first grade teachers. It offers basic information about sounds and how they are produced and contains activities that are helpful for reinforcing sound/symbol relationships. A suggested sequence for instruction is provided.

Download The Spel-Lang Tree: Seeds

Find decodable text to accompany Seeds in Free Resources or Click Here.

This manual contains:

  • A sound/symbol representation for every letter of the alphabet plus four digraphs.

  • A set of sound/symbol cards to be displayed in the classroom.

  • A poetic couplet to go with each sound/symbol card.

  • An explanation of how to produce the primary sound represented by each letter.

  • Instructions on how to print each letter.

  • A set of multi-sensory cards for helping children print letters and numerals.

  • A set of record sheets for keeping track of individual progress in recognition of letter names and sound, number knowledge, and printing of letters and numerals.

  • Enrichment activities to use when teaching sounds and letters.

  • Literature Connections to enhance learning.

  • A blending game to use for attaching beginning consonants to vowels.

  • An instructional sequence for teachers to follow, including lists of words that can be created from sounds taught if the sequence is followed.

  • A page of definitions.