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My name is Grace Vyduna-Haskins and I’m a retired first grade teacher. I've always been concerned about the way reading has been taught and often thought we were doing it all backwards (putting the cart before the horse). I was disturbed when some of my students didn’t make the progress I expected of them. As I experimented in my classroom, I came to realize that, if we teach children to spell, they will learn to read. As I changed my teaching methods, I observed positive changes in their reading scores as determined by standardized testing. As I kept seeking answers to my questions and worked toward an Ed.D., I discovered that, indeed, teaching spelling in a very systematic way greatly enhanced reading development. This notion has, in the last few years, been proven by scientific study. (You can learn more about me on the “About the Author” tab).

This blog is created with my desire and passion to transmit scientific reading and spelling research into terms easily understandable by parents. I don’t pretend to be a linguist but there are aspects of linguistics that I’ve picked up through the years and even if the terminology isn’t exact, everything suggested here will work in the interaction between teachers, parents and children. Each blog issue will build on the ones previously posted and it all starts with handwriting.

It all starts with handwriting!

Why is spelling important?

What do they mean?

Letting the Horse Pull the Cart

Is there a system of development?

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