The Spel-Lang Tree: Trunks

The Spel-Lang Tree: Trunks is the second grade level of the program. Lessons in this manual build on knowledge gained from The Spel-Lang Tree: Roots. It places greater responsibility on the child to develop an expanded spelling and reading vocabulary. Traditional high frequency words are included along with more advanced language pattern word families, affixes, and the study of syllables. The child also learns to use pronouns, prepositions, and contractions in the writing process. In addition, the child learns Ghastly Ghostly words (a limited number of words containing gh patterns) via word hunts and categorizing patterns and sounds. While designed for second or third grade use, Trunks is appropriate for remedial groups at any grade level.

Download The Spel-Lang Tree: Trunks

  • In each unit of The Spel-Lang Tree: Trunks, children work with words using a particular vowel pattern. The Units are broken into daily assignments. These daily suggestions are very flexible, depending on how much time is alloted for word study on a given day.

  • On Day 1 of each unit, students are given a pretest. These assessments follow the same format as the assessments in Roots but higher level words are used. Individual test results can be recorded on a Portfolio Record Sheet included in the Trunks manual. Words missed on this test can be used for individualized spelling assignments throughout the week.

  • On Day 2, students are encouraged to look for words with the vowel pattern emphasized in the unit. They may brainstorm for words, find words in their regular reading materials, or use a Resource List of over 1400 words which is included in the Trunks teaching manual. They then arrange these words into spelling patterns. Two options are offered for student recording of the spelling patterns they have studied. The first option is to create an individual spelling notebook using looseleaf filler paper and the other is to use a set of forms designed especially for this purpose. The forms include virtually all of the single-syllable spelling patterns in our language. Blackline masters for these forms are included in the Trunks manual.

  • Subsequent days may be spent on affixing, expanding vocabulary, parts of speech, and various elements of written expression.