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My research is positioned at the intersection of second language acquisition (SLA) and second language (L2)  pedagogy, and technology. My primary research centers on mobile-assisted language learning (MALL), particularly on the impact that text messaging has on L2 oral fluency. Further implications are made in language teaching and learning. By investigating how modern forms of communication, such as text messaging and computer-mediated communication (CMC), influence language acquisition, I aim to enhance language teaching methodologies and optimize the incorporation of technology in the language learning process. 

My doctoral dissertation investigates the use of texting as a form of computer-mediated communication (CMC) in the learner's second language (L2), and how this interaction may influence their L2 oral skills. This investigation is grounded primarily in Interactionist Theory, Cognitive Theory, Socioconstructivist Theory, and Technoconstructivism (Arnold & Ducate, 2019). Additionally, specifically examined in the scope of second language acquisition (SLA) will be the role of learner motivation communication in the L2 via text message, turn-taking, negotiation of meaning, and increased exposure to input in the L2. In general, the hypothesis is based on the aforementioned, paired with the hybrid oral/written nature of texting, and how increased communication via this mode of CMC (texting) may have a positive influence on L2 speaking skills.

Research Interests

Hispanic linguistics • second language acquisition • computer-mediated communication • computer-assisted language learning • mobile-assisted language learning • pedagogical applications of text messaging and social media • educational technologies • online and hybrid teaching • applied linguistics • second language pedagogy • effects of technology on language • effects of text messaging on linguistic production • digital discourse • corpus linguistics • pragmatics within emojis, gifs, and memes • code-switching in text messages • SLA mobile applications • history of the Spanish language • sociolinguistics • language change