About Me

Profe Jones

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of California, Davis in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. I study Spanish Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition, with a focus on computer-assisted language learning and educational technologies. I work under the mentorship of Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Spanish Dr. Robert Blake and Claudia Sánchez-Gutiérrez, among other expert scholars.

While studying Spanish as an undergraduate at the University of Washington-Seattle I had the opportunity to study abroad in Granada, Spain. This journey forever changed my life and set my life in motion down the most beautiful, twisting path with secrets and surprises around every bend. This experience opened the door to my first adult job as a university administrative assistant in the office of Study Abroad, where I learned more about the world of academia and study abroad, and connected with more students eager to embark on their study abroad experience. 

In fact, I was so good at my job motivating and supporting young adults to study abroad that I motivated myself right back on out of the country and worked as a Language and Culture Assistant in Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain. I spent the year teaching English and American culture at a primary school and hosting private classes for locals who wished to learn English and improve their conversation skills. I traveled throughout Spain and Europe, improved my own Spanish language skills, and discovered more about myself and what excited me personally, as well as professionally. 

For the following three years I worked for a Study Abroad and Spanish Immersion company, again finding myself in a position connecting students interested in the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures. It is inspiring to work with learners who aspire to see the world and help them step out of their comfort zone and achieve dreams and make life-lasting memories.

After working in various positions in the tech industry, including a tech start up incubator and SaaS company, I became more intrigued and fascinated by the role that technology plays in our daily communication, and in all aspects of teaching and learning, especially for second languages. Technology quickly became a center point for my second language pedagogical theoretical foundation and approach to teaching.

I later earned an MA in Spanish from Saint Louis University (SLU), which included returning once again to Spain and completing a year of the program on the Madrid campusWhile at SLU I began the Spanish conversation group Tertulia and continued developing my digital literacy skills and digital competencies working in the Language Resource Center. 

As a segue into my doctoral studies at the University of California, Davis, I attended and volunteered at the 2019 Linguistic Institute, "Linguistics in the Digital Era", where I attended workshops, keynote presentations, networking events, and took classes. This adult summer camp for linguists was inspiring, thought-provoking, and fueled my passion to remain connected throughout the disciplines. 

In addition to my studies and dissertation writing, I remain active in service and extra curricular activities. At UC Davis, I have served as the Cluster on Language Research, co-graduate student advisor for the UC Davis Spanish Club, and student ambassador for the Linguistic Society of America. I have also volunteered leading various informal Spanish conversation groups and I constantly seek out ways to connect people who have a shared interest in the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking culture. Currently, I am the Managing Editor of Spanish and Portuguese Review, and the Chair for the CALICO Graduate Student Special Interest Group. Volunteering in an editorial and professional organization capacity allows me to mentor and learn from my peers, as well as provide platforms and spaces for graduate students to share ideas, network, and continue developing their own skills. 

I am currently drafting my dissertation and am looking forward to sending it off to press soon!

*  * * * *

From an early age I began to see Spanish, and languages in general, not only as a way to connect with different communities and cultures, but also as a useful professional tool. The personal and professional impact of knowing another language continues to be necessary and relevant in my daily life, and for that I am forever grateful. 

Spanish is important to me. Students are important to me. And it is important to me that students understand the value of multilingual and multicultural competence, and how these proficiencies can increase their personal and professional growth in an abundance of ways.

I am also passionate about health and fitness, traveling, writing, laughing, tasting wine, and drinking hot black coffee. I love to run, play soccer, do yoga, whack tennis balls, take walks, and share nerdy language jokes.

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