Footloose was presented on July 31st, August 1st, and August 2nd, 2015 at MWHS

Ren (Cody VerValin) leads the cast in kicking off their Sunday shoes!

Vi Moore (Oliva Nicholson) and Ethel McCormick (Samantha Murphy) look on with the townspeople of Bomont while Rev. Moore (Sean Rice) leads the day's sermon.

Ariel (Mady Odell), Rusty (Hannah Jones), Wendy Jo (Kellie Baer), and Urleen (Pattie Allen) are holding out for a hero!

Rusty (Hannah Jones), Wendy Jo (Kellie Baer), and Urleen (Pattie Allen) warn Ren of how "Somebody's Eyes" are always watching.

Ren (Cody VerValin) and Ariel (Mady Odell)

Willard (Willie Odell) gives some advice in "Mama Says"

Rusty (Hannah Jones) gives us a show-stopping rendition of "Let's Hear It For The Boy!"

I'm Free! Ren (Cody VerValin), Ariel (Mady Odell), and Willard (Will Odell) lead the cast in the Act 1 Finale "I'm Free/Heaven Helps The Man"

Let's Hear It For The Boy!

Cast List

Ren McCormack - Cody VerValin

Ariel Moore - Mady Odell

Rev. Shaw Moore - Sean Rice

Vi Moore - Olivia Nicholson

Rusty - Hannah Jones

Urleen - Pattie Allen

Wendy Jo - Kellie Baier

Willard Hewitt - William Odell

Ethel McCormack - Sam Murphy

Chuck Cranston - Connor Atkinson

Jeter/Cowboy Bob - Rocky Nardone

Bickle - Tyler Schacher

Garvin - Zachary Hull

Lyle - Anthony Caraballo

Travis - Will Isidro

Principal Clark - Gabrielle Lacen

Betty Blast - Kaylee Sperling

Wes Warnicker - Cory Tschinkel

Lulu Warnicker - Talia Itzkowitz

Coach Roger Dunbar - Tyler Wong

Eleanor Dunbar - Marissa Mitchell

Cop - Stephanie Alfiano

Bomont Ensemble:

Eva M. Baj

Zachary Blasko

Brigid Carolan

Paige Finnen

Julia Grunes

Cara Jordan

Natalie Manelis

Amelia Pena

Olympia Prodafikas

Dom Rico

Grant Ross

Heather Rutishauser

Khady Sow

Shaina Steir

Teenage Ensemble:

Hailey Atkinson

Christine Bjorkman

Alexandria DeVita

Katharine Edel

Courtney McPheter

Emma Meier

Lorin Miller

Gabriela Mirasola

Liz Prestia

Sabrina Rice

Kaylee Sperling

Dance Captains - Gabriela Mirasola and Katharine Edel

Special Guest Appearance by Tierney Egan and Will Chester.

Production Team

Directed by Dom Pascullo

Choreography by Lauren Alifano and Laura Hammerer

Music Director/Pit Conductor - Andres Vahos

Stage Manager - Tierney Egan

Technical Director - Sam Chester

Costumes Coordinator - Siobhan Megahey

Lighting Designer - Jared Pietrzak

Sound Designer - Preston Grzegorzewski

Graphic Design - Sarah Fields

Assistant Stage Manager - Erin Craven

Additional Music Support - Adam LaSalle

Make Up Design - Viper Makeup by Krysti

Lighting Crew - Haley Nilson, Micah Sander, Stefania Bastanick

Tech Crew - Erin Craven, Stefania Bastanick, Will Chester, Nick McEntyre, Rachel Weiss


Sarah Dworjan - Flute

Joseph Favia - Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone

Polina Chizhov - Keyboard

Trevor LaDue - Guitar

Gabe Valle - Bass

Andres Vahos - Drums, Percussion