All Shook Up

All Shook Up was presented on July 26th, 27th, and 28th 2019

At Central Valley Elementary

Chad (Johnny Drumgoole) leads the Jailhouse Team company in 'Jailhouse Rock'!

Dennis (Jacob Forman), Natalie (Marissa Mitchell), and Lorraine (Blaise Hewlet) ship Dennis to the Dental Academy

Mayor Matilda Hyde (Brenna Connolly) and her angels sing of Devil's In Disguise

Chad (Johnny Drumgoole) and Natalie (Marissa Mitchell) fix his bike and sing of Following Their Dream.

Jim (Phil Valuzzi) and Sylvia (Caroline Kivelhan) talk of love.

Miss Sandra (Anya Starr Quinn) opens the museum and fends off the Hound Dogs.

Lorraine (Blaise Hewlet) and Dean Hyde (Kevin Ilardi) kiss in 'Now or Never'

Miss Sandra, Dennis, Jim, Chad, Ed/Natalie, and Sylvia (Dean and Lorraine on the bridge) sing the Act 1 Finale - Can't Help Falling In Love With You.

Ed (Marissa Mitchell) is tired of conversation and kisses Chad (Johnny Drumgoole) with the female company of All Shook Up in their flannel best.

The cast of All Shook Up!

Miss Sandra (Anya Starr Quinn) is not buying what Chad (Johnny Drumgoole) is selling.

Ed (Marissa Mitchell) talks of Blue Suede Shoes and making sure Dennis (Jacob Forman) does not step on them.

Sylvia (Caroline Kivelhan) brings down the house with 'There's Always Me'

Natalie transitions to Ed (Marissa Mitchell, pulling double duty)