Welcome! Below you will find all the information you need to prepare yourself for All Shook Up callbacks. Please familiarize yourself with everything to the best of your ability. We understand we are throwing all of this stuff at you - don't worry. Just try your best. However, we will easily be able to tell if you did not practice. Let us know if you have any questions.

Callbacks are held at Central Valley Elementary from 5-8pm, located at 45 Rt. 32 Central Valley, NY 10917.

Cold Readings:

  • Read through all of the scenes below.
  • You do not need to print any out, they will be provided for you.
  • We will be asking people to go and read from any of the scenes for any of the roles, so it would be in your best interest to have an idea of what is going in each scene.
ASU Scene 1 - Before Heartbreak.pdf

Scene 1

Before Heartbreak Hotel

Characters: Sylvia, Lorraine, Natalie, Dennis

In this scene: Dennis attempts to impress Natalie. Sylvia tries to talk sense to Lorraine.

ASU Scene 2 - Before Follow Dream.pdf

Scene 2

Before Follow That Dream

Characters: Chad and Natalie

In this scene: Natalie attempts to flirt with Chad

ASU Scene 3 - Before Count On Me.pdf

Scene 3

Before Count on Me

Characters: Dennis, Jim, and Sylvia

In this scene: Jim gives Dennis some advice and Sylvia opens up Jim's eyes.

ASU Scene 4 - Before Conversation.pdf

Scene 4

Before Less Conversation

Characters: Ed (Natalie) & Chad

In This Scene: Natalie, now in her alter ego Ed, attempts to get closer to Chad.

ASU Scene 5 - Before Let Yourself Go.pdf

Scene 5

Before Let Yourself Go

Characters: Ed (Natalie) & Sandra

In This Scene: Sandra falls for Natalie in disguise.

ASU Scene 6 - Before Now or Never.pdf

Scene 6

Before Now or Never

Characters: Matilda, Earl, Dean, Lorraine, Bus Driver

In This Scene: Matilda sends her son back to school out of fear, and Dean and Lorraine express their love.


  • Below are sections of songs from the show you may be asked to sing.
  • You may only sing one, you may sing all. Familiarize yourself with all of them just in case.
  • Each song has the sheet music for the section you will sing and a track to practice with. The track is the entire song so you'll have to be sure to practice the appropriate section.
  • Here is a link to the OBC recording on youtube to hear the songs. It's also on other streaming services.

Male - Don't Be Cruel

Measures 13-50.


Male - It Hurts Me

Measures 24-67 (end) Starts at :47 on the track.


Male - Teddy Bear

Measures 1-22


Male - I Don't Want To

Measures 44-65 (careful of key change) Starts at approx. 1:00 on track.


Female - Little Less Conversation

Measures 29-End. Starts at 1:02 on track.

There's Always Me Callbacks.pdf

Female - Alway's Me

Measures 41-61. Starts at approx 1:40 on track.


Female - Power of My Love

Measures 43-52.

Fools Fall In Love Callbacks.pdf

Female - Fools Fall In Love

Measures 24-43. Starts at approx 1:24 on track.

Devil In Disguise Callbacks.pdf

Female - Devil In Disguise

Measures 5-29.