SoMe Lab

SoMe Lab is an international laboratory for research in digital/social media. Its goals include developing theory, developing technological and practical solutions for research in digital/social media, bringing together researchers, collecting know-how and resources, collecting data, and building archives.


SoMe Lab works with the Distributed Little Red Hen Lab

“The fourth dimension doesn’t sit neatly above or on the other side of things, It isn’t an attic extension. Rather, it contorts the old dimensions. And so it is with digitalisation, which is no longer a space in and out of which we clamber, via the phone lines [aka 1990s noisy modems]. The old world itself has taken on, in its essence, a four-dimensionality. Every moment, every object, has been imbued with the capacity for this extra aspect. Just as a geometrical net of squares can be folded into a cube, our daily lives are a series of nets, any of which could be scored and bent at the perpendicular, and thus extended into this other dimension. Increasingly the moments of our lives auditions for digitalisation. A view from the window, a meeting with friends, a thought, an instance of leisure or exasperation - they are all candidates, contestants even, for a dimensional upgrade.” (Laurence Scott, 2015)

Amen! (SoMe Lab)