Eruptive Events and Large-Scale Structure (IS/RS)


Toni Galvin, University of New Hampshire, USA

Jack Jenkins, KU Leuven, Belgium

Christian Möstl, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

Stephanie Yardley, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London, UK


(1) Evolution and propagation of coronal mass ejection driven shocks (CMEs):

  • Onset of CMEs and properties of the induced shocks propagating in the interplanetary medium

  • CMEs as sources of supra-thermal particles and particle acceleration mechanisms

  • Magnetic topology and structure of interplanetary CME (ICME) flux ropes

  • Global shape and interplanetary propagation of ICMEs

  • Space weather forecasting of ICME magnetic fields

  • Pre-eruptive magnetic field structures

  • Trigger and driving mechanisms of flares/CMEs

  • Flare/CME signatures and their relationship with the small-scale and global magnetic field

  • Energy release, shock propagation and particle acceleration during solar flares/CMEs

(2) Formation and evolution of corotating interaction regions (CIRs):

  • Properties of CIRs at different radial distances, in and out of ecliptic

  • Observations of energetic particle fluxes formed by CIRs

  • Space weather prediction of CIR properties

(3) Observations of the large-scale structure of the interplanetary magnetic field in the inner heliosphere:

  • Comparison between observations and model predictions

  • Structure of the heliospheric current sheet (HCS)

  • The role of the HCS, CMEs an CIRs in the modulation of galactic cosmic rays (GCRs)

  • Connection between remote sensing and in-situ eruption signatures

All aspects are assessed using both in-situ and remote observations, preferably from multiple locations. The joint use of Solar Orbiter data with other missions, in particular those in the solar wind like Parker Solar Probe, STEREO, Bepi Colombo, as well as Wind, ACE, and DSCOVR at L1 will play a central role during the meetings.


The presentations from this working group are available under this link:

Google group: solo_wg_eruptive_events_large_scale_structure