Data & In-situ Instruments

In-situ instrument status

Below is a Google spredsheet showing the status of in-situ instruments for each given day. Please scroll down to see more recent dates or access the link directly here. For specific questions on instrument operations please contact the relevant PI which are listed below.

The spreadsheet is organised according to Long Term Planning (LTP) cycles. Please choose the appropriate LTP at the top left corner of the spreadsheet.

In situ instruments:

  • EPD: Energetic Particle Detector : PI: Javier Rodríguez-Pacheco, University of Alcalá, Spain

  • MAG: Magnetometer: Tim Horbury, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

  • RPW: Radio and Plasma Waves: Milan Maksimovic, LESIA, Observatoire de Paris, France

  • SWA: Solar Wind Plasma Analyser: Christopher Owen, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, United Kingdom

Image and content credit: ESA

Data access & instrument papers

  • A series of open-access papers describing the mission and its instruments is published in an Astronomy & Astrophysics special issue here:

  • All public data is available via the ESA Solar Orbiter Archive:

  • Please co-ordinate studies with the instument PIs

  • For other questions regarding data availability and/or interpretation please, contact the relevant instrument PI which is listed above and also on the ESA webpage