Presentation Slides

2019 Workshop Descriptions (in alphabetical order)

Addressing the Sexual Harassment of Black Girls on High School Campus - Lashea Brown

The Anatomy of an Engaging Instagram Profile - Maria Jose Gullet and Ra'Niesha Bratton

Factuality - Natalie Gillard

Fostering Reproductive Health: Facilitating Access to Foster-Friendly and Trauma-Informed Care for Youth in the Child Welfare System - Lesli Le Gras, Autumn Taylor and Jaci Nicole Cortez

Let's Talk Sex: How an Instagram live show can reimagine how we teach sexual health - Alondra Hernandez and Jovana Martinez

LINX LA: Digital Safe Spaces for Black Sexual Minority Men - Maynard Hearns and Gerald Garth

Peer Health Advocacy: Youth Engaging Youth - Jessica Beltran

PrEP & PEP: Breaking Down Barriers to Same-Day Access - Shelby Wentz and Robert DePriest

Promising Possibilities: Restorative Responses to Sexual Harm - Mayra Serna and Joseph Luciani-Cervantes

Promoting & Optimizing the Health of Lesbian and Bisexual Women - Dr. Bobbie Emetu and Dr. Allison Diamant

Rapid Response Training: Preserving Comprehensive Sex Education & Protecting LGBTQ Youth - Amanda Goad and Ariana Rodriguez

Starting and Sustaining Conversations about Sexual Health with Young People - Jennifer Torres and Melissa Strype

Tackling Trauma in the Classroom, Exam Room and Beyond - Brittany Cropper (contact presenter for slides)

Talk With Your Kids: Re-imagining the Talk to Promote Parent-Child Communication - Emily Wasson

Understanding Resistance: A Case Study of Creative Strategies - Emily Goodall, Gerry Farrell and Ray Auxais

When Mental Health and Sexual Health Collide - Adriana Romero-Espinoza, Stacy Urauchi & Dianna Polanco