SLAMRA is a model railroad club located on Lidingö, near Stockholm.

We are using DCC with LocoNet and build modules in N-scale (1:160) following US prototypes and other countries.


Many people have limited spaces and may have difficulty to have space for a complete model railroad at home.

With a modular system, you only need to build a small module that can more easily be kept in the home.

When we have a meeting, everyone can bring a module and connect it to others, that makes it possible to create different layouts in different sizes where the existing size of the room is the limit.

Contact us

Matti Virtanen (president)








Membership in SLAMRA are open for all in all ages.

Membership gives you the following benefits:

The right to receive and send email to our mailing list

Access to the club premises and club layout

Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting

The right to participate in SLAMRA exhibitions

Annual fee

0-20 year = 25 SEK/year

21-25 year = 200 SEK/year

⋝26 year or family = 350 SEK/year

Family includes household members that are written in the same household.

Membership fee is payable between New Year and Annual General Meeting for each year.

Annual meeting are held during January or February.

Payment is made to:

Sala Sparbank (Swedbank)

Clear-no: 8284-2

Account-no: 4703624-9

Type Clear-no. and Account-no. as one number w/o dash or spaces. (8284247036249)

Please put your name as reference.