SIUH Radiology

Medical Student Rotation

Welcome to SIUH Radiology!

We strongly feel that all medical students -- regardless of your future specialty -- should experience a radiology rotation. So much of what you will do will depend on radiology in the future. Having an idea of what basic pathology looks like, how to approach an x-ray or a CT, and knowing the benefits/limitations of your imaging tests will inform your decisions as an independent clinician.

This rotation is designed to give you a broad exposure to what we typically do on a daily basis. We welcome all feedback and we would be happy to tailor aspects of the rotation to your specific interests!

We will review the structure of the day with you during orientation. We have grouped lectures by subspecialty within radiology (ie. Abdomen, Chest, Neuro, Musculoskeletal, etc.).

This is not like your typical third or fourth year rotation. Learning radiology isn't entirely intuitive and doing so requires a great deal of guidance. Radiology residency is very lecture heavy (as is this rotation) like the first two years of medical school because there is simply no other way to learn this stuff.

Rotation Overview

Your day will start with a lecture or two by an attending faculty member or a senior resident.

Then, you will refer to this site for the day's assignment. We will have some hand picked videos and brief tutorials to get you set for the day's practical radiology workshop:

You will look at the cases on your own for about an hour, typically 10-11am. Some of the module topics will be covered during the morning lectures and some of the stuff you will learn by yourself!

Then, at 11am, you will meet with the resident to review the practical cases and see how you did.!

If you don't understand something or you feel like you have no idea what you are looking at (it is normal to feel that way) then let us help you here.

Grab some lunch (you can bring it with you from the cafeteria) and come to our resident conference at noon in the conference room. These lectures are from 12 to 1:30pm typically and can vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced -- don't worry if you don't know what is going on, try to grasp what you can. We are happy to explain anything afterwards.

Then, you will head to the reading rooms to read real live cases alongside our attendings and residents for the afternoon.

By the time you leave this rotation, you will have strong training in a wide range of radiology. You will be able to critically analyze a radiology report and the actual pictures in a study. Most importantly, you will be familiar with emergency radiology findings you may encounter when you are covering the entire hospital by yourself in the middle of the night as an intern.