Hello, welcome to my home page. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of CSE, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Punjab, India. My academic details and experiences are as follows:

  1. Assistant Professor: Department of CSE, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Punjab from June 2018.
  2. Assistant Professor: Department of CSE, Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati, Assam from August 2015 to June 2018.
  3. PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati -- January 2016. Thesis Title: "Effective Utilization of LLCs by Managing Associativity, Placement and Mapping" (LLC means Last Level Cache).
  4. M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India -- July 2010.
  5. MSc in Computer Science from Assam University Silchar, Assam, India -- June 2007.

My Research Interest

Major Research Area: Computer Architecture

My current research focus is on Chip Multiprocessors (CMP) specifically the issues of Last Level Cache (LLC), Network on Chip (NoC) and DRAM Caches. I am currently working on the topics mentioned below:

  • Hardware security of cache memories in CMPs.
  • Performance enhancement of LLCs in Tiled Based CMP (TCMP).
  • Minimizing the on-chip communication latency in TCMP.
  • Energy consumption and temperature optimization of LLC, NoC and DRAM cache memories.
  • Smart replacement policies for different NUCA (Non Uniform Cache Access) based cache memory architectures.
  • Formal modelling of cache memories.

Simulation tools required in this domain are: gem5, Booksim, McPAT, CACTI, HotSpot, Garnet and Orion etc.

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Openings and updates

  1. PhD positions are available in the area of Computer Architecture (especially in memory technologies).
  2. Limited internship positions are available. Please check my research interest before applying. A good programming skill (C/C++/Python) is required.
  3. Workshop on Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture - May 20-24, 2019. https://sites.google.com/view/woesca-2019

Teaching at IIT Ropar

  • [Jan'19 - Apr'19]: CS510: Advanced Computer Architecture and Introduction to Engineering Product Lab.
  • [Aug'18 - Nov'18]: Data structure for non-CSE students.
  • [Aug'18 - Nov'18]: Tinkering Lab and Introduction to Engineering Product Lab.

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Other Activities:

I am an adventure loving person. I like cycling, trekking, road trip etc. It is my dream to travel all over India with my cycle and motorcycle :) . I also love to play badminton, football, and cricket.

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Contact Details:


Room No: 303, Department of CSE, IIT Ropar (Permanent Building), Ropar. Punjab, 140001