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Building Construction Update

May 22, 2020

View Ms. Stachel's video of how the construction is progressing at Sheridan Hills Elementary.

RPS Year-End Distant Learning Update

Dear Richfield Community

As we continue moving toward the end of the year, Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Education are clarifying expectations for all schools in the state. We are continually planning as we learn more. I thank you all for your continued patience, flexibility and understanding.

To that end, here are some end-of-year date changes that we are making to best support our students, families and staff.

Student Attendance

  • We will continue to take attendance daily through June 5; however, there will be some changes to how we monitor student attendance in the coming weeks. During the week of May 26-29, we are assessing our students. While assessment looks different depending on the grade level, students who participate in those assessments will be marked present for the entire week. During the week of June 1-5, we are collecting materials. Students who turn in their Chromebook/iPad, along with textbooks will be marked present for the entire week.

Report Cards

  • Elementary schools: The final report card will contain a summary of student progress written by their teacher that describes the learning that occurred up until March 16. The teacher will also provide recommendations for the next steps in the student’s learning. For trimester three, the final grading period for the 2019-20 school year, instructional coaches will work together with classroom teachers to provide summary reflections of the curriculum covered. There will not be a numerical score placed on the report card, rather there will be a “NA” (not assessed) placed in the student assessment scoring boxes for trimester three.
  • Secondary schools: Students can receive letter grades or a Pass/Fail for extenuating circumstances during the second semester. Pass/Fail can be requested by a student or their parent/guardian up until May 29. School leadership and counselors will also review grades to support student success. These grades will reflect the learning that took place both prior to and during the distance learning period.


  • Celebrations at all levels will be conducted virtually. The Governor, Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Department of Health have been very clear in their directives. We made multiple requests to be allowed to conduct socially distanced, safe celebrations at our schools. Every request has been denied and all school districts have been directed to conduct celebrations virtually or from cars with fully closed windows - which must also include family/staff liability waivers and a guarantee of people remaining in cars throughout.
  • While we are disappointed that we can’t celebrate in person, we understand the need to ensure the safety of our students, families and staff. Therefore, all RPS celebrations will be conducted virtually. We have also found a way to create a graduation ceremony that will include caps, gowns, a stage and speeches. High school seniors have received this information directly from building leadership and it is available on the Richfield High School website.

We will continue to work diligently, now and beyond the end of this school year, to best serve our students and families. While we fervently wish we were together in person, we are committed to celebrating the end of our school year with joy, immense pride and unwavering hope for the future.


Superintendent Unowsky

REading Olympics Update

May 22, 2020

Dear Sheridan Hills Reading Olympians,

Many thanks for the hard work you put into this year's Reading Olympics campaign. Your commitment to our school and to promoting literacy made it possible for us to reach our school goals even in the midst of unexpected changes to our school year. You are truly Olympians! Congratulations to all!

Now comes the greatly anticipated moment to announce this year's Top 3 Student Readers per Grade (based on numbers of minutes read) and Top 3 Classrooms per Grade (based on percentage of students turning in a signed reading log). In addition, we are recognizing 10 additional students who logged a high number of reading minutes over-all.


Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade

Gold: Landon H. Gold: Frederic J.K. Gold: Aliya B.

Silver: Mia J. Silver: Ruby P. Silver: Olivia B.

Bronze: Tenzin C. Bronze: Adrianna T. Bronze: Gloria O.

Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade

Gold: Wesley M. Gold: Leslie Z. A. Gold: Max J.

Silver: Yani G. Silver: Alexander Rae S. Silver: Miriam O.

Bronze: Myer O. Bronze: Lloyj C. Bronze: Audrey O.


Donald J.K. (3rd Grade), Fiona K. (5th Grade), Oscar C. (3rd Grade), Fernando T. (3rd Grade), Madison P.W. (2nd Grade), John S. (3rd Grade), Shaelynn N. (5th Grade), Shay I. (3rd Grade), William G. (4th Grade), Drew D. (1st Grade)


Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade

Gold: Team Thompson Gold: Team Redlin Gold: Team Ericson

Silver: Team Anderson (TIE) Silver: Team Halpern and Silver: Team Gregersen

Bronze: Team Healy Team Sandholm Bronze: Team Spaeth

Bronze: Team Busta-Loken

Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade

Gold: Team Wieber Gold: Team Berres Gold: Team Simmons

Silver: Team Schleyer Silver: Team Pichel Silver: Team Zeh

Bronze: Team Krohn Bronze: Team Jacobson Bronze: Team Verzal

Top-Student medals and Honorable-Mention pins will be mailed to student winners. "Trophies" will be mailed to classroom teachers.

Ribbons and prizes for all students who participated in Reading Olympics have all been mailed. Please hold on to the green PRIZE TICKET until school starts in the fall to claim your prize from the PTO Big Prize Box.

Great job, everybody!

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