Rusty Water Coming from your Faucets?

There are times of when the township fire department flushes hydrants.

How does my auto license fee fund the township?  Correct license plate renewal helps fund township.

When you renew your auto license plates be sure the taxing district on your form indicates you reside in Sheffield Township. It determines the amount of permissive tax you pay and this tax is then distributed to the township.  Make sure the clerk knows you reside in Sheffield Township (not Lorain). These funds are used to plan, construct, maintain and repair public roads, highways, and streets, according to ORC 4504.02.

Complaint Form

Garage Sales

You do not need a permit in order to have a garage sale. A garage sale cannot last more than one week.

Damage to your Mailbox by a Township Snowplow

If a township’s snowplow damages your mailbox:

Your mailbox will be repaired or replaced by the township with a standard rural type mailbox on a 4×4 wood post provided that:

 Mailbox Installation Instructions

Open Burning: Call before you burn.

Open Burning of trash consisting of plastics, rubber, cans, glass, garbage, leaves, and grass clippings is prohibited by the Ohio Fire

Codes and EPA. Call 440.277.4380 or email

FireDept@sheffieldtownship.com for clarification.

Snow Parking Ban: The sheriff’s department has snow ban stickers and should be monitoring the streets to which they apply. If you have any questions about specific streets, leave a message for the road department at 440.324.3517.

Disposing of Mattresses and Upholstered Furniture

Due to the increasing number of bed bug infestations, all mattresses and upholstered furniture MUST be wrapped in plastic in order to be picked up. If a mattress has been ordered for removal and is out for collection on your scheduled bulk pick-up day and it is not wrapped in plastic, the hauler will NOT remove the mattress. ALL mattresses, whether infested with bed bugs or not, are now required to be wrapped in plastic. It is a health hazard to the drivers, workers, and residents for the mattresses to be exposed.

In the State of Ohio, statutory townships—like Elyria Township—use the laws provided by the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) for regulation, zoning, and enforcement purposes on private property. Per ORC, it is legal to discharge firearms on private property in Ohio’s Townships if discharging the firearm(s) is done in a safe and legal manner, and the person(s) discharging the firearm is the landowner or someone to whom the landowner has given permission.

What is a ‘Safe and Legal Manner?’ You are responsible for every bullet that leaves the barrel of your firearm. You still own that bullet and will be held legally responsible for any injuries, fatalities, or damages it causes. In order to be safe while discharging firearms, a shooter needs to be able to see the intended target, the backstop, and beyond. For this reason, shooting activities are restricted to daylight hours.

Those convicted of violent felonies or domestic violence and persons who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are prohibited from possessing or discharging a firearm. The Ohio Revised Code contains specific laws allowing for the arrest of such violators. Ohio Revised Code 2923.162 prohibits persons from discharging firearms upon, over or within 100 yards of a cemetery; a public roadway; and also on the ground belonging to a school, church, or inhabited dwelling or property of another. It is also illegal to discharge a firearm from a vehicle. Persons found guilty of violating this code will face penalization ranging in severity from a fourth degree misdemeanor to a first degree felony.

Target Practice A private property owner, prior to allowing the discharging of a firearm on his/her property, needs to have a proper backstop made of soil or some other soft porous material and free of rocks or hard material that may increase the chances of a ricochet bullet. The backstop must also be of sufficient height and width to guarantee the capture of all bullets fired at targets. A wooded area is generally not considered a proper backstop as the shape of trees increases the chance of a bullet glancing off in an unsafe direction.

A range should be located so that nobody is shooting toward a house, vehicle, roadway, or any other structure. Not all private properties are suitable for shooting activities. Properties located in housing developments are typically not suitable for shooting ranges due to smaller lot sizes and their close proximity to neighboring houses. Please review the National Rifle Association’s NRA Range Source Book for more information on shooting ranges.

How We Handle Firearms Complaints When the Sheriff’s Office receives a firearms complaint, the Deputy will first survey the location to ensure a proper backstop is in place, that persons are shooting in a safe direction, and that the shooting activity has been conducted in a safe manner. If the Deputy deems the location of the shooting activity unsafe, a cease-fire may be ordered until the location, backstop, and activity are safe.

To minimize neighbors calling in shooting complaints, be cordial and respectful, exercise common sense and good discretion, and ensure you address all of the aforementioned safety concerns. Building rapport and good relationships with your neighbors and inviting them to target practice with you may be helpful in demonstrating to them that you are safe and responsible.

Call the sheriff's department, not the trustees, to report illegal shooting.

All hunting and trapping of game is prohibited in Sheffield Township.

Chapter 1501:3-6 Firearms; Hunting and Fishing 

Dumpster Days - Residents Only

Generally, there are three days in the Spring and three days in the Fall when dumpsters are provided to residents free of charge. Dumpster day dates and hours will be announced on Facebook and will be located at 5166 Clinton Avenue,

No hazardous materials, furniture, appliances, paint, oil, propane tanks, tires, or fuel tanks of any kind. No campers, RVs, cars, or boats (whole, pieces, or parts). Nothing with a title. Rumpke will continue to collect bulky items on your regularly scheduled service day, once a month, for NO CHARGE! Plastic to cover mattresses and other upholstered furniture for trash pickup is available at the township complex at 5166 Clinton Avenue.