Fiscal Officer

Fiscal Officer – Joe Neuhoff


The Fiscal Officer is an elected, non-voting, independent member of the Board of Trustees. The trustees have the legislative authority of the township while the fiscal officer is the record keeper and financial officer of the township. The township fiscal officer must keep an accurate record of all township financial transactions and must comply with all legal requirements set forth in the Ohio Revised Code for the duties of this office.

Mr. Neuhoff's term expires 3/31/2024.

Clearview Schools maintenance man gets warm goodbye on last day of more than three decades on the job

SHEFFIELD TWP. — Joe Neuhoff thought he might receive some thank yous and congratulations after he clocked out of his final shift working in maintenance at Clearview Local Schools. After all, he has been with the district for 31 years.

After his work was done for the day, Neuhoff was thanked by administrators and secretaries in the high school office, but what awaited him in the parking lot came as a total surprise.

“They brought people out of the woodwork to see me,” Neuhoff said. “Retirees, people I haven’t seen in years.”

He shook his head in disbelief as he walked through a tunnel of family, friends and co-workers who made the trip to the high school parking lot to congratulate him on his retirement, even if it was from a 6-foot distance and hugging wasn’t permitted.

Neuhoff took time to thank each individual as he walked past. Some even held up signs and dropped cards and gifts into a hard hat he carried out of the school as he walked past.

He had been working one day a week while school buildings were closed during the coronavirus pandemic. It had been a gradual slowdown since he recently had to take three months off work because of heart trouble. But now that he is fully retiring, Neuhoff said the people are what he will miss the most.

“He’s just a kind, giving, loving kind of guy, always there to help,” said Clearview bus driver Mary Lou Dembinski, who worked with Neuhoff and also attends St. Vincent de Paul Catholic church in Elyria with his family.

“He’s part of the township; he’s one of those kinds of guys who partakes in everything. He’s always there,” she said, adding that the showing of people outside the school probably would have been twice as large if he hadn’t retired during the coronavirus pandemic.

Also in the group who came out was Neuhoff’s neighbor Dolly Justice, who has lived beside him for longer than he has worked in the schools.

“He’s the sweetest man and they’re the best neighbors,” she said. “I’m sure the school is going to miss him.”

In addition to working at Clearview Schools, Neuhoff also spent 37 years with the Sheffield Township Fire Department, where he retired in December. A township EMS vehicle driving down the road gave a honk of acknowledgement as it passed by.

Although Neuhoff’s time at the school and fire department is over, he is not totally finished working. He recently took over the role of Sheffield Township fiscal officer, and his wife, Lynn Neuhoff, said adjusting to that job will keep him busy enough.

Still, she said, it will be nice to have him home more. She had planned on having a party to celebrate his retirements from the school and fire department, but due to social gathering restrictions, this felt like the next best thing.

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