I love the early morning light the best and nature tells so many of her secrets in the quiet times of the day. My Tasman Sea kayak allows me to capture this.

Great blue heron

The great blue heron searching for frogs is a sign of a healthy lake.


The summer phase is over, what lies ahead?

Misty Kayaker

In the mist, on Laurel Lake, in the silence of early morning.

Duck on the rocks

Laurel Lake, October 2016

She turned her head and listened.

Lily Pads

Morning is my magic time for sneaking up on lilies.

Sylvan's Boat

It sits there, waiting for him to explore.

Image 10"W x 8"H. Mounted and black matt, 20"W x 15.5"H.

Synchronized Ducks

This picture took 2 years of waiting.

Misty Morning

What magic I see in the morning mist.

Water Grass

So much life goes on within these plants.

Lonely Merganser

He was looking for a mate and found one down the lake.

Cardinal Flowers

My delights! endangered lakeside flowers at Laurel Lake, Quebec

Laurel Lake Reflections

I could spend the whole summer looking up and never be bored. Lately the cloud formation is different. I wonder why.

Laurel Lake, Quebec

Pre-flight Gull

They all eat on the middle rocks, it is a landing and take off spot.

Laurel Lake, Quebec

Reed Reflections

I drink these clear waters, how lucky we are to be able to do so! May it always be!

Laurel Lake, Quebec

Wing Span

Ducks are amazing to watch.

Laurel Lake, Quebec

Great Blue Heron

Laurel lake's favourite bird

Laurel Lake, Quebec

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