The things on the ground and above eye level are often missed. I always take an extra glance.

Witches Hat

Laurel Lake, Fall 2018

I can see Wendy Witch walking in the moss!

Daisy Mae

Laurel Lake, Fall 2018

My solid, steadfast blooms that survive the hot dry sun.

In dew time

Hydrangia, Laurel Lake, Fall 2018

I noitced how the hydrangia eagerly drank in the rain.

Dew drops

How do drops choose which shape and size to be? How do they know where to be?

Yellow tulip

You look so happy with the day, my little flower of spring.

September boat

I heard your song as you sailed along.

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Old man's beard, Lichen

You show me that beauty can grow where life is small.

Snail on rock

How long will you stay and enhance this rock?

Moss sprouts

I could not believe my eyes, you were standing so small, yet so tall and facing the sunshine.

Tied up in knots

An example of how wildlife reacts to the stress we inflict .

Apple blossom

Your astonishing freshness and life stopped me in my tracks.

Autumn leaves

I know, you leaves and mushrooms love to lie together


My fruit of passion, blueberry how I love thee!

Both sides now

All that is red brightens up a place instantly.


Dried leaves nutured you and let you bloom into amazing flowers.

Cardinal flower in the rain

My precious red flower, I seek out every summer. When i

ndangered species do that to me.


Such a dramatic one! The roadside is grander where you grow.

Chicory 2

I can feel the softness of your blue embrace.

Honey suckle

You are so proud as you stretch your fingers to the sky.

Lance-leaved Coreopsis

You make the dry fields golden and alive.

Mirror-image leaf

Moccasin flower

Musk mallow

My pretty pinks that have always been in my walking bouquet.

Orange hawkweed

Some call this the Devil's Paintbrush, wonder why?

Pine branch

There is beauty in decay, it took me some time to see it.

Pine needles in the sun

How remarkable Pine trees are; I think they are most amazing trees.

Puffballs and spruce

Who would have thought a spruce branch would embrace a puffball?

Standing mushrooms

Look how tall and powerful they are today! What will tomorrow bring?

Wet autumn leaves

Yes, the mighty Ginko is behind this cluster of colours.