Some of the places I have visited with fellow artists include: Spain, Costa-Rica, Provence, Paris, Cambodia and Vietnam, Sicily.

Protecting others can be an interesting choice.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Window shutters in Provence

How clever to paint the sun and storm protectors such lovely colours.

Water lilies in Provence

Love the buds just before they open!


Bikes and scooters carry everything!

Erice steps, Sicily

I fell in love with this medieval city of stairs and quiet court yards and roofs


We were walking along the sandy beaches near Nerja


I know it is a cliche, but I could not help but capture him.

Cactus flower in Provence

What a wonderful suprise I had walking along the fields and vineyards.

Lunar or Etna?

What should one expect from Mount Etna? The mountain was asleep.

Orange tree in Sicily

Sicily was a wonderful mix of so many things.

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