Autumn sun-kissed leaves

The sun's last kisses before they leave.


Autumn gold

Come walk with me in the autumn gold

Wentworth North, Quebec

Sun sparkled waterfall

What happened after many days of rain was such a miracle!

Wentworth North, Quebec

Image 10"W x 8"H. Mounted and black matt, 20"W x 15.5"H.

Published in Friends of Mount Royal Cemetery 2019 calendar

Autumn light in Laurel Lane

The sun wrapped around the trees and gave us a warm goodbye before she disappeared.

Wentworth North, Quebec

Sunlight through the flowers

My back yard hydrangia plant catchs the sun in so many ways.

Montreal, Quebec

Tree trunk in the sun

The light was such a gentle way to awaken and start my day.

Laurel Lake, Quebec

Brown-eyed Susan

Even the spiders like the view as they made webs on the fence.

Laurel Lake, Quebec

Clover Bees

I am so happy to see the return of the bees, hawks and other wildlife recently.

Wentworth North, Quebec

Fall woods stream

I hear the rhythm of this stream and feel very lucky to fall asleep with nature's lullaby.

Laurel Lake, Quebec

Mount Royal Cemetary

Did the gate keeper live here? Such a nice welcome to a beautiful peaceful place.

Montreal, Quebec

Red leaves

Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal

Summer woods stream

Wentworth North, Quebec

Afternoon light

Cote des Nieges, Montreal

Branched web

I wonder how many stands there are.

Laurel Lake, Quebec

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