Scratch Built Projects

Scratch building is the process of building a scale model "from scratch", i.e. from raw materials. Scratch builders usually start a project using scale drawings, photographs and other prototype information. They may use commercial detail parts, such as commercial windows that match the prototype structure or commercial detail parts if building a freight car, but the main part of the project is built from sheets/strips of plastic, styrene, wood or other materials.

Below are scratch built models on my layout and photographs of the actual structure that was modeled.

Northumberland Station

Northumberland Station (photo by D. Wood)

Sunbury Station

Sunbury Station (photo by John Dziobko, Jr.)

Northumberland Coaling Tower

Northumberland Coaling Tower (photo by D. Walker)

Northumberland Yard Office

Northumberland Yard Office (photo by P. Noble)

Northumberland Water Tower

Northumberland Water Tower (photo by P. Noble)

Kase Tower

Kase Tower

Crowl General Store

Crowl General Store (photo by M. Usenia)

Weigh Scales Yard Office front

Weigh Scales Yard Office (photo by D. Ball)

Weigh Scales Yard Office side and back

Weigh Scales Yard Office (photo by P. Noble)

Shamokin Freight House (view 1)

Shamokin Freight House

Shamokin Freight House (view 2)

Coal and Ash Hoists in Shamokin

Coal and Ash Hoists in Shamokin

Scratch Built Cars