The Shamokin Branch Layout was designed to be an operating layout. There is a local group of about 15 operators, who run trains in a prototypical manner. We meet about every 4 weeks and the operating sessions run for about 3 hours. Trains are dispatched from staging yards and on-line yards and assigned by the dispatcher to perform work similar to what actual trains on the PRR’s Shamokin Branch and Northern Central Main Line during 1957 would have performed.

Our group has an informal association with two other operations groups, one from the Denver, CO. and the other from the Pueblo, CO. areas. We travel to each other’s layouts and have weekend long operating sessions at the various local layouts. In addition, the Shamokin Branch has hosted visitors for operating sessions from California, Texas, Arkansas, Virginia and Maryland. If you are interested in operating with us, please contact me by email.

Here is information on the car routing system that I use on my PRR Shamokin Branch layout for my operations.

Shamokin Branch Line Schematic

The dispatcher assigns operators to trains and, via telephone, controls the movement of trains over the layout. Telephones are located at each town on the layout and engineers are required to contact (OS) the dispatcher when they reach a town to acquire permission to proceed.

Car Card which lists routing information for freight cars.

Radio Cab Throttle and Car Card.

Dan with Milton Local

Les switching north end of Northumberland Yard

Northumberland Yard Control Panel

Erich working south end of Northumberland Yard

Train S390 Ore Train on horn track through Sunbury headed for Mt. Carmel and the LVRR interchange

Rear end of S390 with a second I1sa pushing

Tony switching at Weigh Scales

Bernie weighing coal loads in Weigh Scales

Heavy traffic at the Rt. 61 bridge as the Ore train passes the Glen Burn Mine headed east to Shamokin for engine servicing

Dick at Shamokin Yard

Bob working the east end of Mt. Carmel

Part of Northern Colorado crew, Barb and Jim, at Hazleton

(L to R) Bob, Bob and Bill having fun.