Chuck Cover's Shamokin Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad

My model railroad is built in a 23’ x 50’ studio and is based on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Shamokin Branch and some of the main line of the PRR along the Susquehanna River in central PA between Harrisburg (Enola yard) and Williamsport in 1957. The Shamokin Branch left the PRR main line at Sunbury, north of Harrisburg, and continued East through the valley following the Shamokin Creek to Mt. Carmel, PA where it interchanged with the Lehigh Valley Railroad (LVRR). I also model the LVRR’s Hazelton Branch which leaves Mt. Carmel and goes east toward the steel mills and Allentown, PA. Modeling 1957 allows me to model the last days of steam on the PRR.

It's great to be able to share my layout with you. All photographs on this website were taken by Chuck Cover unless otherwise noted. Thanks to my wife, Susan, for building and maintaining my website.

Blame It on the Trains by Enrique Limón in the Santa Fe Reporter 11/6/2012
Watch a video where I talk about my model railroad and the hobby.