Published Model Railroad Articles

In Rail Model Craftsman

1. September 2008, pp75-79, RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award, “Kitbashing a PRR H25 Hopper Car

2. March 2010, pp76-78, “Installing Sound in a GP7”

3. September 2010, pp64-67 “Planning a ‘Walk-In-Island’ Layout

4. May 2011, pp83-86, “Detailing a Lehigh Valley Hopper Car”

In The Keystone Modeler

1. May 2006, #34, pp8-10, “Building a G36c Three Piece Removable Roof”

2. June 2006, #35, pp25-30, Modeling the H21D Covered Hopper”

3. January 2007, #42, pp34-35, “Here’s What I’m Working On: H33 Covered Hopper”

4. June 2007, #47, pp20-26, “Modeling Class H33 Covered Hopper”

5. January 2008, #54, pp12-15, “Here’s What I’m Modeling, Shamokin Branch Layout – Weigh Scales, PA”

6. January 2009, #66, pp6-11, “Crowl General Store”

7. March 2009, #68, pp8-13, “Upgrading the Train Miniature X29”

8. Winter 2010, #72, pp34-39, “Modeling KASE Tower in HO”

9. Autumn 2011, #78, pp10-13, “Review of Rail Shop H30 Covered Hopper in HO Scale”

10. Winter 2012, #79, pp6-10, “Modeling the PRR X51E Box Car”

11. Spring 2012, #80, pp15-26, “Scratch Building the Northumberland Coaling Tower”

12. Autumn 2012, #82, pp16-23, “Modeling Northumberland’s Water Towers”

13. Winter 2013, #83, pp6-15, “Modeling a PC70BR Café Coach”

14. Winter 2014, #87, pp10-21, “Modeling Coal and Ash Hoists in Shamokin”

15. Spring 2014, #88, pp15-21, “Modeling Block Limit Signals”

16. Spring 2015, #92, pp21-34, “Modeling the 80F81a Tender for the BLI H10s”

17. Spring 2016, #96 pp12-15, “Modeling the 2E-F13 Tender Truck for the BLI H10s”

18. Summer 2016, #97 pp15-22, “A Prototype-Based PRR Layout Built for Operation, My PRR Shamokin Branch Layout”

19. Spring 2018 #104  pp22-29,  “Kitbashing the F34 Flat Car From the Athearn Model”

20. Summer 2019 #109  pp33-38,  “Modeling PRR L1s #520”

21.  Winter 2019 #111 pp 28-38, “Kitbashing a PRR G29D Gondola”

22.  Summer 2020 #113 pp 13-22, “Modifying the BLI I1sa to Represent Locomotives that Operated on the Shamokin Branch in the 1950s”

23.  Summer 2021 #117 pp 8-25, “Modeling the Shamokin Yard and Railroad Facilities

24.  Winter 2023 #123 pp21-28,  “Adding a Prototype Industry to My PRR Shamokin Branch Layout”….a silt coal dredging operation

25.  Spring 2024 #128 pp 7-12   Product Review: Funaro and Camerlengo PRR X23B Resin boxcar kit in HO scale.

In The Keystone

Summer 2002, Volume 35 #2, p 5+6, THE TEST PLANT "Scratch-Building an NX23 Cabin Car"

In The Dispatcher's Office Official Journal of the Operations Special Interest Group

July 2017, Vol. XXIII No. 3 "A Computer Car Routing System on Chuck Cover's Pennsylvania Railroad Shamokin Branch"

July 2024 Vol. XXX No.3 pp 22-24 “Upgrading the Computer Card Routing System on Chuck Cover’s Pennsylvania Railroad the Shamokin Branch Layout.

 On the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, Inc.   Lehigh Valley Railroad Modeler website

 “Chuck Cover’s #50100-50149 Series 70 Ton Covered Hopper"

“Modeling LV 32952 from the Con-Cor gondola in HO scale, by Chuck Cover” 

The Resin Car Works Blog

A Sunshine Models Swift reefer is featured on the latest Resin Car Works blog post.
Chuck Cover shares his work on a classic freight car.


Rocky Mountain Railroad Prototype Meeting 2010

    Topic: The Pennsylvania Railroad’s Shamokin Branch--Prototype to Layout

PRRT&HS* 2013

    Topic: The Pennsylvania RR's Shamokin Branch from Prototype to Model

PRRT&HS* 2018

    Topic: Modeling the H10s that worked the Shamokin Branch

PRRT&HS*  2019 

Topic:  Prototype Modeling of PRR’s Shamokin Railroad Facilities

Santa Fe Model Railroad Club September meeting 2019 

Topic:  Prototype Modeling of PRR’s Shamokin Railroad Facilities

* The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society