Video Series for Parents

This video series is designed to help parents of students in Grades 8 through 10 to support their children in their mathematics learning.

Each of the videos identified below addresses an important concept in the curriculum and invites parents to participate by pausing the video at several points to respond to a question or reflect upon what was just experienced or discussed. In this way, these videos provide parents with a window into not simply what, but how, their children are learning mathematics in the classroom.

While the primary audience of these videos is parents, teachers will also find this collection to be a very helpful resource. The Numeracy Team looks forward to hearing from teachers about ways in which they are using these videos – or the explorations and math problems within – in their classrooms.

Math 8


Pythagorean Relationship

Operations with Fractions

Proportional Reasoning

Linear Relations

Surface Area and Volume

Math 9


Rational Numbers

Powers and Exponents

Linear Relations


Spatial Proportional Reasoning

Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10

Powers with Integral Exponents

Multiplying Polynomials

Factoring Polynomials




Systems of Linear Equations: Graphical

Systems of Linear Equations: Algebraic

More Coming Soon!

  • Introductory Video

  • Linear Relations