“I am INBRE” Spotlights

"As the campus program director for the College of Charleston, SC INBRE has allowed me to get to know better a number of students and faculty from within the College of Charleston. I enjoy helping others to succeed. In addition, I have made friends across the state with other members of the SC INBRE steering committee.”

Jim Deavor has been the associate dean for the School Sciences & Mathematics at the College of Charleston since 2010. He is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry and had previously served as the chair of that department over two stretches totaling 13 years. He came to the College in 1983 after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. He is an analytical chemist and did research in the area of atomic spectroscopy. Jim has been involved with INBRE since the first award to South Carolina and was also participated with its predecessor, BRIN. Currently, he is secretary-treasurer for the South Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society and was on the organizing committee for the 2016 Southeast Regional Meeting of the ACS.