SC INBRE offers many opportunities for academic advancement and enrichment. Watch our social and home page for announcements of upcoming events. Where available, links to recordings or presentations have been posted on past events pages. Use the dropdown box from the Learning tab above to find presentations and other information from past events, as well as information on future events.

Summer 2020 Learning Opportunities

Webinars on various topics – sessions available for high school students through seasoned faculty. See calendar.

Academic Leadership and Career Development Workshop

Open to all

Annual two-day professional and career workshop – a day for development sessions and a day for grant proposal writing sessions. Slide and presentation materials available.

Bioinformatics Workshop

Open to all

Online and hands-on learning opportunities. Includes Linux, Perl and R tutorials.

Science Symposium

Open to all

annual event which includes presentations by SC INBRE funded researchers and poster presentations by funded students.

Other past events have included: