The name Scasbrook as Scaysbrook was originaly written, has surfaced time and time again, during the War of independantce. a John Scasbrook a colonel in the Loyal army to King George, was promant in Virginia, Warwick County area, where he came form is open to speculation but his family went on to secure the line in the new USA. A good site outlining a lot of the family from the Wills family tree can be seen on the Will web site

Another variant, a William Scarsbrook was listed on the passenger list of the ship Paul which sales for St Christopher in 1635 the ships list can be seen at USA


Early records also state that

What was the Grand Union flag? A flag designed by the American colonies in 1775. The Grand Union flag was designed at Benjamin Franklin's suggestion. It displayed the Union Jack or more corectly the Union Flag in the upper left-hand corner, and the rest was made up of thirteen red and white horizontal stripes. These stripes (7 red and 6 white) represented the thirteen colonies.