Russian Link

You may think this is a bit of a strange link to find on the Scaysbrook web site, but read on it has a place in my line.


A man names Marrion Dative was born some time arround the turn of the century, in the steps of Russia, to a reasonable well of family, he was one of several, brothers.


The russian revolution was just taking place, and I'm told he was about 14. Many of the affluent were being taken and sent to siberia by the new governing power headed by Stalen

It came that several of Marrions brothers were taken, so to hide he went to Poleland and joind up in the Army, changing his name to that od Dateouski

From then on he became a soldier fighting the German army and ended up in Italy, after the war he managed to stay in the UK and met my Grandmother Nell Pain, her husband had been killed in the war and she remarried .


All attempts to find his family failed due to the war, he died in the early 70's