Michael Scaysbrook was born on the 1st March,1795 at Todenham, Gloucestershire,England. He was the third child of Sarah and Michael Scaysbrook. He had 2 brothers George and Samuel and 2 sisters Rose and Sarah.

At the age of 19 he was working for a John Willan. He lost this job and having no money stole from his former employer hoping to get enough money to return home to his friends. He was caught at Bisham where he was very sick with smallpox. When he was recovered he was taken to London where he was tried on Wednesday the 11th January 1815 at the Justice Hall in the Old Bailey. He was found guilty by a London jury before Mr. Recorder and at the age of 19 was sentenced to death. This sentence was changed to life. Michael worked as a labourer and ploughman before his conviction. He was 5'6" tall and was of a fairly pale complexion with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Michael arrived on the ship "Fanny 1" which arrived in Sydney on 18th January 1816. The ship sailed from Downs on 25 Aug 1815. 174 males embarked at Downs and 171 landed in Sydney.The Master of the ship was J.M.Wallace and the ship's surgeon was William Mc Donald. The "Fanny 1" was built in 1810 at Thames.The ship took 146 days to sail via Rio. She was 432 tons. Michael was assigned to Dr Redfern.

A petition for Ticket of Leave for Michael Scaysbrook in 1822 recommended that he was honest, sober, hard working and most capable of getting his own livelihood after six and a half years in the colony. His Ticket of Leave was granted on the 15th May 1827. Michael applied to marry Mary Caulfield and this was granted on 4th November 1837.- Michael Scaysbrook and Mary Caulfield with the consent of the Governor.The marriage was solemnised in the Parish of St. James in the County of Cumberland by Robert Cartwright, Chaplain of the Church of England.

Mary was a native of Galway She had been tried and convicted in Galway Town of stealing a cloak. She was convicted on the 10 th April 1835. She was 30 years old and was sentenced to 7 years. Mary was a Roman Catholic and was only 5'1" tall and was of fair complexion with dark brown hair. Her calling was housemaid, laundry maid and plain cook. Mary arrived on the ship Thomas Harrison which arrived in Sydney on the 9th June 1836 The master of the ship was Thomas Harrison and the surgeon Henry G. Brock. 112 females embarked at Cork and 112 landed at Sydney. "Thomas Harrison" was a barque of 355 tons.She was built at Sunderland 1n 1834 of British oak. It's class was A1 and sailing time was 111 days. Mary brought 6 year old Patrick with her on the journey. Apparently another child was with her but did not survive.

It appeared that Michael had two other children before he married Mary. although his status on the wedding certificate was bachelor a child was baptized in the Parish of St. James in the County of Cumberland on the 5th November 1834. He was born on the 22nd July 1834. His parents were Michael and Sarah Scaysbrook of Brisbane Water. Father's profession was a sawyer.The child's name was John. A daughter Sarah was born on the 14th September 1836 and was baptized on 13th October 1836 in the Parish of St. Phillips in Sydney in the County of Cumberland.The parents were Michael and Sarah Scaysbrook of Brisbane Water- profession of father a sawyer. What happened to these two children is a mystery. Maybe they went back to England with their mother?.

Michael and Mary had three children Margaret, Michael and Mary Ann. Michael acquired 10 acres of landing 1845 at Kincumber for the sum of 10 pounds. Later he bought 30 acres and 14 perches in 1854 for thirty pounds, 1 shilling and ninepence. Also in 1854 he bought 29 acres and 35 perches for 58 pounds, 8 shillings and 9 pence. All of this land was at Kincumber. On the 14th September 1857 Michael sold 10 acres, part of the 29 acres and 35 perches to Henry Hunter Lane for 20 pounds.

On the 25th November 1858 he sold 30 acres and 14 perches to Joseph Frost for 30 pounds.Michael was a sawyer and apparently cut the trees on his properties and then sold the land. At the age of 75 on 16th April 1872 Michael died at Kincumber.The cause of death was given as stoppage of water and Ischusia - 6 days. His body was interred at St.Pauls Church of England, Kincumber on 16th April, 1872 - the same day he died.

Michael did not leave a will but his probate read as follows - all singular goods, chattels, credits and effects of Michael Scaysbrook deceased was granted to Mary Scaysbrook the widow of the deceased intestate. Intestate died the 15th day of April 1872.Goods sworn at 100 pounds. Letters of administration dated the same day as granted.

Mary Scaysbrook. widow of Michael sold 10 acres on 5th May 1884 to R.D.Worthing and a further 19 acres and 35 perches to Samuel Contour. Mary died 11th November 1880 at Kincumber where she was also buried on the same day. Michael and Mary were hard working pioneers of Kincumber. The land where Brentwood Retirement Village stands today once belonged to Michael Scaysbrook. There are two streets in that area that have been named after the family - Scaysbrook St and Melville St.There are still many descendants of these two people living in the district.

Written by Diana Power Great Great Great Granddaughter.