Savannah River Basin Advisory Council Top Issues

Council being fully informed (transparency) and consulted in a timely manner by all basin water planning and management organizations about ongoing issues including, but not limited to, salt water intrusion, Savannah River Total Maximum Daily Load, Duke Energy Keowee-Toxaway Relicensing, Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, Plant Vogtle, and coordination with Georgia on shared water resources.

Long-term sustainable water supplies for municipal, industrial and power generation growth in the region while protecting the unique environment throughout the basin.

A revised State Water Plan is needed: to provide umbrella guiding principles allowing development of the SRBWP within state rules and processes; to provide clear definition of state responsibility for specific issues; and to provide a process to integrate the revised State Water Plan, individual basin water plans, and Surface Water Withdrawal (SWW) permitting regulations

Creation and maintenance of a data base of information regarding water quality and quantity within the SRB, ecosystem health, land use, hydropower rules, flood control and long term modeling of future supply availability, needs and economic impacts within the SRB .

Need for review of long-term operating procedures at the ACOE reservoirs and their ability to use adaptive management on an instantaneous and interactive basis to maintain conservation pools at the highest possible levels while protecting downstream water resources.

Fresh water flows- the formation of a scientifically based procedure to ensure the maximum environmental benefit and economic viability equitably throughout the basin

More efficient use of water in the region and coordinating with Georgia stakeholders to promote consistent conservation initiatives within South Carolina and Georgia portions of the SRB.

Clear understanding of all consumptive uses within the basin, including inter-basin transfers of water out of the Savannah Basin