Sauer Lab

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Focus

The focus of our lab revolves around understanding host pathogen interactions. Specifically we are interested in four separate but related questions:

1. How do intracellular pathogens parasitize their host cells?

2. How can we take advantage of pathogen virulence strategies to develop novel antimicrobials?

3. How does the host recognize and respond to infection by intracellular pathogens?

4. How does recognition of intracellular pathogens by the innate immune system drive adaptive immune responses?

Recent News

Congratulations to new lab member Zach Morrow on receiving the NSF GRFP!

Welcome to the lab new CMB student, Zach Morrow!

Congratulations to Dan Pensinger on winning a poster award at the Perlman Symposium!

Congratulations to Zach Powers on being awarded the Department of Bacteriology Undergraduate Research Fellowship!

Congratulations to Sauer Lab postdoc Dr. CY Kao on getting his dream job as an assistant professor in the Institute of Microbiology & Immunology at National Yang-Ming University!

New postdoc and research specialist positions currently available in the Sauer Lab!

The Sauer Lab was awarded a new R21 to study the MRSA antibiotic target Stk1!

Congratulations to Sauer Lab postdoc Dr. CY Kao on his recognition as the ASM Young Ambassador to Taiwan!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Jess Kelliher to the lab as a new postdoc!

Congratulations to our longtime undergraduate Matt Becraft on his graduation!

Our collaborative paper with the Striker, Drewry and Pavelka labs was accepted for publication at ACS Molecular Pharmaceutics!

The Sauer Lab was awarded a new R01 to study mechanisms of bacterial survival in the cytosol, big thanks to collaborators on the proposal Amador-Noguez Lab and the Striker Lab!

We are excited to welcome Drew Rust as our new lab manager!