Sauer Lab

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Focus

The focus of our lab revolves around understanding host pathogen interactions. Specifically we are interested in three separate but related questions:

1. How do intracellular pathogens parasitize their host cells?

2. How does the host recognize infection by intracellular pathogens?

3. How does recognition of intracellular pathogens by the innate immune system drive adaptive immune responses?

Recent News

Erin Theisen successfully defended her PhD dissertation! Congratulations to the newly minted Dr. Theisen!

Drew Rust was awarded a Hilldale Fellowship!

Will Vincent has accepted a position on the faculty at St. Johnsbury's Academy following graduation!

Jon Kaletka has accepted an offer to enroll at Michigan State University for his microbiology PhD!

Emily Forster has accepted an offer to enroll at Tufts University for her microbiology PhD and was awarded a Provosts Fellowship!

Grischa Chen's paper was accepted into mBio!

Adam Schaenzer was awarded a PhRMA predoctoral fellowship!

Courtney McDougal was awarded an AAI Young Investigator Award at the Autumn Immunology Conference!

Erin Theisen's paper was accepted into Infection and Immunity!

Dan Pensinger's paper was accepted into PLoS Pathogens!

Erin Theisen's review was accepted into CTMI!