Bio-Engineered Nanophotonics group Harnessing the light at the nanoscale

Welcome to Bio-Engineered Nanophotonics group. We innovate the light conversion using a synergetic interaction between molecular biology and spectroscopy. In particular, we study the bio-exciton interaction mechanisms at the molecular level to develop new class of bio-hybrid assemblies with customized light-conversion for applications in photonics, energy storage, and photochemistry. We develop photosystems with customized nanostructured and molecular environment based on engineered proteins and photoactive molecless which we can manipulated in the lab on-demand. Simultaneosly, we use cutting-edge time-resolved spectroscopy techniques to study light conversion mechanisms in rationally modified bio-hybrids. Our approach allowed us to create feedback loops for the development of subsequent generations of bio-hybrid assemblies with an unprecedented control over the energetics and charged states of the photoactive elements at the nanoscale and with light conversion selection rules on demand for the desired application.

Bio-Engineered Nanophotonics group