Welcome to the Bio-Engineered Nanophotonics group. We innovate the light conversion field through a synergy between molecular biology and time-resolved spectroscopy. Our mission is overcoming current challenges in developing efficient photosystems by setting-up new methods to control exciton decay mechanisms based on engineered interactions between proteins and chromophores. In particular, we use recombinant proteins designed with pockets to embed the chromophore in an environment that can be tuned at the nanoscale. Our designed protein scaffolds allow us to modify the protein-chromophore interaction's nature and strength in a controlled way and evaluate it as bio-chrome coupling. Using time-resolved spectroscopic methods, we track exciton evolution in real time and address key questions on the role of the amino acids in chromophore light conversion dynamics. Our final goal is to establish the design rules for amino acid-controlled light conversion and optimize the bio-hybrid light conversion accordingly for applications in photonics, energy storage, and photochemistry.


Claudia and Gonzalo defended their master thesis. We are very proud of your work in the lab and how you defended it!! (September 11, 2023)

SBE Antalgenics award. For the contributions on photoactive bio-hybrid engineering and photobiology (May 9, 2023)

Nanociencia to go outreach at IMDEA Nanociencia. Our first  group outreach activity! We enjoyed explaining the science we do in the group to UAM students! (May 19, 2023).  

Visiting IFEMA science fair. Time to enjoy science together!  (March 24, 2023).

La Caixa Foundation in the 2022 Fellowship Awards Ceremony.  (March 22, 2023).  

Invited seminar at IMDEA Nanoscience. Opportunity to show our work to the whole IMDEA community (February 21, 2023). 

  Bio-Engineered Nanophotonics group