On going funding

Funding. 300 k€

Durantion. October 2022-October 2025

Project reference. 117694

Title. On-demand photochemical energy conversion in biohybrids with proteins and nanoclusters in synergy

Short description. We propose a bottom-up approach that exploits designed molecular environments in engineered proteins for the stabilization of excited state of photoactive centers. In particular, we are focused in studying spin transition mechanisms in engineered bio-hybrids to generate photosystems optimized for photochemical conversions.

Funding. 172 k€

Duration. 2022 - 2024

Project reference. 131906A-100

Title. Sustainable H2 production with photocatalysts based on Earth abundant and environmentally friendly resources

Short description. We are developing a new class of photoactive bio-hybrids where the exciton dissociation and photoinduced electron transfer reactions are controlled by the protein enviroment. The final goal is to combine the optimized bio-hybrids with catalytically active 2D materials in collaboration with Dr. Vega. Combining our engineered bio-hybrids with the 2D materials will allow us to generate hydrogen as solar fuel with unprecedented efficiency to pave the way for its use as a clean fuel.

Finished projects

Funding. 163 k€

Duration. 2021 - 2022

Project reference. T2/IND19937

Title. Senior postdoc grant.

Short description. We developed bio-optoelectronic devices for applications ranging from solid state bio-lasers to light-to-energy conversion applications. These devices stemed from hybrid protein-chromophore systems. We selected different chromophores ranging from small conjugated molecules to few atom metal nanoclusters to tune the optoelectronic properties of the protein-based molecular systems. This strategy enabled us to overcome technological challenges for instance in the development of tunable bio-compatible lasers or LEDs for medicine or in the development of low-cost energy harvesting sources.