Redlands USD Instructional Technology

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*NEW* Are you looking to expand your knowledge and use of G Suite in the classroom, and looking to team-up with some like-minded teachers to get there? If so, you're the perfect candidate for our Google Classroom Cohort. Apply today!

*NEW* Were you a member of our year-one Google Classroom Cohort and are yearning for even more? If you're looking to take your use of instructional technology to a whole new level and to reinvent your teaching practice, you'd be a great SAMRai. Apply today!

Hello and welcome to the homepage of your Instructional Technology team. We're happy you're here and are standing by, ready to assist. We're here to help make your life easier and enhance your students' lives through the power of technology-enriched learning!

Please have a look around, grab a resource or two, give us a follow on Twitter, and shoot us a message whenever you're in need of an assist!

Department Motto

We welcome the new and unknown, and support change by empowering innovation. This responsibility starts with me.