Flying Field Rules


  • Field Address is 6806 South County Road J Beloit, WI
  • Dial 911 for any emergencies
  • Pilots must be an AMA member and must operate their model in accordance with the "OFFICIAL AMA SAFETY CODE
  • Non-AMA MEMBERS are not permitted past the spectator area unless invited and accompanied by a member.
  • NO CHILD UNDER 10 YEARS OLD is allowed on the field without the supervision of an adult member. All other children will be restricted to the spectator area.
  • Local guests of club members, who are also AMA members, are granted a two (2) visits to use our field. After 2 visits guests must join the club if they wish to continue to use our field. This excludes AMA members who are in the area on an extended visit.
  • No flying over the pit, spectator area, roads or field boundaries
  • All pilots will take off and land from the designated runway
  • Pilots need to fly from designated pilot station
  • Pilots will call out or announce intentions for take off, touch and go, low fly by, and landing to other pilots
  • Landing aircraft have the right-of-way over all other aircraft. A call for dead-stick or problem landing has priority Landing in any desired SAFE direction.
  • 72MHz transmitters may not be turned on, for any reason, without verifying that no one else is using 72MHz. Anyone using 72MHz are responsible for awareness of other pilots on 72MHz.
  • No aircraft is to be retrieved from the runway without first notifying other pilots that are flying. Pilots engaged in flying are to be notified when the field is clear again. Pilots flying aircraft will keep aircraft clear of the runway until it is announced clear.
  • It is recommended that all flying be conducted below 400 feet and that a spotter be used when possible but use of a spotter is not required
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the field
  • No pets are permitted on the field. Pets are allowed in the spectator area but must be leashed and owner is responsible to clean up after their pet
  • No low 3D flying directly over the runway, no low inverted passes over the runway
  • Larger sized helicopters should use the grass (a tip over on takeoff or landing on the runway could tear up a large section of fabric)


  • Mufflers shall be required on all two cycle and four cycle engines over 0.049 cubic inches
  • No running of gas engines prior to 9am

For any questions on safety of the field please contact the club Safety Officer: Jon Seese -