Rock River Aero Modeling Society Bylaws

  • The name of the club hereafter known as ROCKRIVER AERO MODELING SOCIETY Inc.
  • The purpose of the club is to further the interest of its members in the art Model Aviation
  • Elections for the office of President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer are to be held each year at the November meeting for election of officers.
  • VOTING PURPOSES - A quorum shall be defined as 20% of the current membership. If a quorum is not present the election will be held at the next monthly meeting that a quorum is present.
  • The summer meetings of the club are to be held on the first TUESDAY of each month at the field site. The winter meetings will be held on the first TUESDAY of each month at the Town of Turtle Public Services Center located at 6916 S Co Rd J, Beloit, WI 53511
  • Approval by a majority of the entire membership is required to make an amendment to the club constitution.
  • Potential new members will be eligible for club membership upon presentation of a current AMA license and payment of the club dues to the secretary-treasurer.
  • A member may be dropped from the club roster for failure to pay club dues and fees on or before the conclusion of the regular March meeting; failure to heed safety rules set forth; consistently not attending meetings except for extenuating circumstances; or for allowing non-AMA members to fly at the club field. Any member considered for expulsion for any reason shall be voted out by secret ballot by majority of the entire membership and will be notified by letter of the imposition of his or her inactive status.
  • No monies or club property will be refunded upon notice of inactive club status, voluntary termination or resignation of club membership, except in special cases.
  • The annual fee assessment and mandatory society membership fees are to be determined at the November meeting each year.
  • Anyone flying at the club field must have a valid AMA license. It will be the responsibility of each club member to obtain his own AMA license.
  • Children up to the age of 10 years must be accompanied by a Rock River Aero Modeling Society club member (adult) past the spectator area and into the pit area and on the flight line for flight instruction only. After instruction they must return to the spectator area.

Duties of the elected officers:

PRESIDENT: The president shall be responsible for the overall operation of the club and shall conduct the monthly meeting in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

VICE PRESIDENT: The vice-president shall assist the president and conduct the monthly meeting in the president's absence. The vice-president will facilitate the raffle at the monthly meetings.

SECRETARY-TREASURER: The secretary-treasurer shall record the proceedings of each monthly meeting and will process any and all correspondence pertaining to club business. The secretary-treasurer shall take roll call at each meeting and maintain attendance records, the club roster, and AMA club Charter. The secretary-treasurer shall collect monies due and handle all monetary matters in a business-like manner. Detailed records of receipts and expenditures will be maintained and a monthly report will be maintained and a monthly report will be made to the membership in written form at each monthly meeting. The secretary-treasurer will establish a bank account in the name of the Rock River Aero Modeling Society, Inc. There will be two (2) authorized signatures on the account. Signatures authorized on the checks will be that of the president or secretary-treasurer.