The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the graduate legislative and programming branch of the Union. It is a body of elected students that represents all graduate students in university affairs and organizes various social events to promote interaction among students.

The Graduate Council works to instill a sense of community in a diverse group of students. The Graduate Council works to support initiatives that positively impact graduate student life and speaks out against initiatives that infringe on graduate student rights and/or make life harder for graduate students at Rensselaer.

Its voting membership consists of the six Graduate Senators and six representatives elected at large. It shall be presided over by the President of the Graduate Council. The current President of the Graduate Council, serving for the 2024-2025 term, is Diyanko Bhowmik (

Graduate Council meetings are held weekly on Fridays (Wednesdays during Summer) at 5pm at UNION 3418 and can be joined on Webex. Grad Council meetings are open to the public. All graduate students are welcome to attend.

Graduate Events

Open Conversation with RPI Leadership

When: March 13th, 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Where: DCC 308

What: The conversation with the RPI Leadership, President Marty Schmidt, Provost Rebecca Doerge, and Head of OGE Dean Dorit Nevo, continues this Spring where the Graduate Community of RPI discusses the most pressing issues and hopes to come to a solution. Free food follows.



Other Events to look out for

International-Domestic Graduate Student Get Together

When: January 31st & March 26, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Where: Off-Campus Commons 1525 15th St. Troy, NY

What: An afternoon of snacks, coffee, and conversation among international and domestic graduate students!

Contact: Office of Graduate Education (

Grad Pics

You're featured. Yes, we, the grad students at RPI, will be hosting events all around the year and you can find yourself featured in this section here.


Graduate Representatives at the Council address various projects/issues of the graduate community throughout the campus. Knowing your representatives allows you to reach out to them and discuss problems that you think would be best addressed by the representative of your choice. Check this space for a small bio of your graduate representatives and please do provide your feedback and/or queries to anyone who you feel might be able to help you!

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Know Your Graduate Officers

The Graduate Officers include the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officeholders for the 2024-25 term are:

President: Diyanko Bhowmik

Vice President: Milena Jonas Bem

Secretary: Tiburon Leon Benavides

Treasurer: Ria Massoni

Graduate Resources

The RPI Office of Graduate Education (OGE) has provided a list of graduate resources that aims to support graduate students. Make sure to visit this page to ensure that you have the necessary tools in your arsenal for your survival as a grad student.

The Grad Council works to compile resources and publishes the same on these github pages for your benefit. These are resources that are sourced from you, the grad students, and the grad council members.

The RPI Graduate Council presents the Research Tools and Techniques Symposium for the graduate students of RPI. Check this space for more information.


Public Documents

Union Record


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