Business Operations

Chairperson: Aaryan Bhatt ( | Meetings: Wednesdays at 7:15 PM in the Student Government Suite

The Business Operations Committee is devoted to the continuous creation of value for the students within our Union. This year, we will be focusing on three main areas to bring this value: continuing efforts towards our ongoing long-term projects, ensuring our businesses and services align with student wants and needs, and ensure that spaces meet the needs of our clubs, organizations, and students.

As a member of this committee you will get the opportunity to work on any of these great projects, learn how a business derives value for its customers, and financially justify its decisions for both the short and long term. Students from all years and majors are encouraged to join and no prior financial experience is necessary!

Club Operations

Chairperson: Catherine Philipps ( | Meetings: Tuesdays at 8 PM in the Student Government Suite Club Library

The Club Operations Committee assists new clubs through the process of becoming recognized or affiliated, manages the status of current clubs, and identifies clubs that are no longer active. Club Operations also aids with new club budgets and helps with overall club projects such as merging clubs, helping with leadership/ organizational issues, and Union Projects! Our current projects include making the New Club Process and Funding more accessible for all RPI students so they can take advantage of everything the Union has to offer.

Marketing & Strategy

Chairperson: Sanay Tralshawala ( | Meetings: Tuesdays at 8 PM in the Student Government Suite

Works closely with the Rensselaer Union’s Communication Specialist, Graphic Designers, and Website Developers to create a uniform Union brand, develop a comprehensive Union events calendar, and improve event promotion throughout campus. The Marketing and Strategy Committee also works to provide aid to affiliated/recognized clubs on campus, and campus businesses to develop marketing campaigns to raise awareness for events and resources. 

Multicultural Leadership Council

Chairperson: Michelle Martinez (| Meetings: Wednesdays at 6 PM Online

Organizes events and promotes awareness of the eight pillars of diversity and identity: ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. They also oversee the affairs of the Multicultural Lounge and lead the operation of the Multicultural Round Table. 

Student Government Communications

Chairperson: Colette Minor (  | Meetings: Mondays at 7 PM in the Student Government Suite

Student Government Communications Committee (SGCC) is the primary means of distributing information, from all five bodies of Student Government, to the Rensselaer student body. The SGCC is focused on creating easily accessible, palatable and creative ways to keep the student body well informed about all the happenings of Student Government, as well as create an ease of communication from the student body to their Student Government officials and representatives. This committee is joint with the Student Senate.

Union Annual Report

Chairperson: Nabila Hussain | Meetings: Wednesdays at 5 PM in the Student Government Suite

The Union Annual Report (UAR) Committee is a motivated team of students that prepares our Union’s Annual Report with updates from the past year and a release of the budget for the next fiscal year. Each year, the report is completed post-budgeting and then presented to the Senate for approval. Upon approval, the document is presented to the Institute’s Administration, Board of Trustees, and campus community. The report serves to break down where the student activity fee is used throughout the Union and update Union members on facilities, programming, and club changes over the past year. This committee is joint with the Student Senate.

Union Programming & Activities (UPAC)

Chairperson: Julie Buckley (  | Meetings: Mondays at 8 PM in Union 3418

UPAC is a dedicated group of students who put on several large programming events throughout the school year for the students. These are planned well in advance, are frequently in the student union, and usually feature comedians, concert artists, or other forms of general entertainment. This committee directly serves the student body and aims to allow them a positive and enjoyable environment to supplement the college experience! We are also the overarching committee which oversees the subcommittees which focus on Concerts, Comedy, Cinema, GM Week, and Winter Carnival.