Teaching with Technology

Why teaching with technology?

There are two aspects of teaching with technology. The first one has to do with enhancing communication and the second one with enhancing learning. Enhancing communication includes increasing accessibility in the classroom (microphones, projectors to assist the delivery of the message) and accessibility of resources outside the classroom (peers and teacher-student communication; materials; rubrics; timely access to grades, etc). We achieve learning enhancement through technology by engaging the student (e.g. with versatile activities/materials); adapting to different paces and personal needs (e.g. discussion boards open for several days); being, as teacher, present outside the classroom; giving meaningful and durable feedback; providing a platform for collaborative work (e.g. shared online documents to edit; conferences software, etc); staying organized (e.g. shared course calendars), etc.

However, there are some risks while teaching with technologies. To avoid them:

  • Know your students. Accessibility in online teaching and online tools
  • Emphasize integrity behaviours and policies
  • Promote organization vs distraction in technology


Course Management System

At Penn State we are currently using CANVAS. The student will be able to:

    • Have access to materials, syllabus and rubrics
    • Submit assignments
    • Receive feedback
    • Access the discussion forums
    • Work in collaboration with other students
    • Check grades
    • View the development of the class and their own performance
    • Communicate with the class and teacher

Technology in the classroom

    • Presentation equipment (PCs, projectors, audiovisual enhancement systems etc)
    • Online interaction devices (electronic blackboards, groupal response devices etc)

Documents repository

Collaboration tools

Evaluation of teaching with technologies

  • Achievement & feedback in weekly quizzes about 1) contents that remain unclear, 2) what they like the most and 3) what they have learnt
  • Include items related with the use of technologies in the students ratings of teaching effectiveness and midterm questionnaire
  • Follow performance of individuals, the performance of a class and between classes, in each online and face to activity. Compare progression.