Sabin Pt. Reflection Garden

All brick order are handled by Julie Grant through the Sabin Point Reflection Garden Facebook page.

1. Reserve Your Brick

Contact Julie Grant through the Sabin Point Reflection Garden Facebook page.

2. Pay Through Check

Give check to Julie Grant or mail to:

Riverside Renaissance Movement

85 Bluff Street

Riverside, RI 02915

Please make out check to "Riverside Renaissance Movement".

This project is managed by Liam Wolfe and the Troop 28 Boy Scouts. Julie Grant of the Riverside Sisters and Ward 4 Councilman Ricardo Mourato are also helping to guide this project to completion. The RRM is handling online payments and providing additional people power to help complete the project.

Project History

Liam has gotten approval from the city council to create a memorial garden adjacent to the memorial bench honoring Stephen and Christopher Grant.

This location is behind the memorial bench for Stephen and Christopher Grant. The plan put forth is to build a memorial brick walkway, prepare the soil, and plant sea grass and plants indigenous to the area, and hearty enough to withstand saltwater spray. The benefits of planting native flora in this area will be threefold.

  1. To promote Townie Pride by facilitating less vandalism to the bench and the grass areas to the rear.
  2. It will be as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the park.
  3. Brick memorials of the names of families, friends and pets of the community, which have passed, can be visited and honored by their loved ones.

An assembly of volunteers that organize and execute the Sabin Point beach clean ups are willing to transform this barren area to an eye pleasing memorial/reflection garden. The maintenance will be implemented by the same group of volunteers, simultaneously with the beach clean-up projects. We understand, and are willing to sign liability waivers for this endeavour, each time work is planned and accomplished, if necessary.

The goal of this project is to engage the local population into a sense of community pride and altruism. This garden will honour those Townies who have passed away, while returning native vegetation and finalizing the aesthetics of this treasured park.

This areas is approximately 54’X49’, the plan is to offer bricks with the inscriptions of the names of family and friends that have passed away. This brick walkway will run through a garden of hearty native vegetation that can service seawater sprays.

The price of the bricks will cost $50.00.

This is a collaborative project between Riverside Sisters and the Boy Scouts of America, namely Liam, to earn his Eagle Scout badge.

I must complete a community driven project by my 18th birthday which is three months away. This project will be supervised by professionals to assure a top-notch craftsmanship and longevity. We are open to inspections throughout this project by the department of public works at each stage of the project from groundbreaking to fill, up to including break bricklaying. Maintenance of the vegetation will work similar to the ‘adopt a spot’ program by Riverside sisters and the volunteers at the Sabin Point beach cleanup crews. The remaining grass can be maintained by DPW as there will be no obstructions to their crew and mowers.